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Mt Taranaki summit

Name Lucas Man
Product Name ACR ResQLink
Date of Rescue 07/20/2013
Saved By Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust & Banks family
Beacon Purchased From Local
Lives Saved 2

I was in a climbing group planned for to climb Mt Taranaki summit on July 20th. We reached the Syme Hut via the southern summit route at 1130am, due to the time and weather issues we decided to retreat. After a 40 minutes descent I slipped, fell between 300-350 meters off the mountain below the Fantham's Peak. The other climber James also fell when he was trying to help. I stopped on a slight flattened spot, suffered a broken leg, multiple bruises and shocks.

I grabbed the PLB from my backpack and activated it immediately. James was 15 meters behind me; he suffered bruises on his both arms. Ten minutes later, an experienced climber's family came across and looked after us. Banks family were actually on their way to Lake Dive Hut and saw someone sliding off the mountain in a distance. Therefore they came across and found us. Due to the poor lower mountain weather condition, it had made the rescue helicopter nearly impossible to get close to us.

After about 3 hours lying on the ice, we've winched up and sent to Taranaki Base Hospital. I've spent 11 days in the hospital, and now I am recovering. Many thanks to the Banks family; Greg, Lynda and Nicole, you kept me warm and I knew it was freezing cold out there, just the right time and the right place. Taranaki Rescue Helicopter team; Steve, Mike and Peter, thank you for not giving up. All staff at Taranaki Base Hospital and the land SAR team, you are all superior and brilliant. Much appreciated.

----------------- For a little more information, its a local news on CLIMBERS INJURED AFTER MOUNTAIN SLIDE KIRSTY MCMURRAY Two people were injured when they slid hundreds of metres down Mt Taranaki yesterday. The Taranaki Community Rescue Helicopter was called about 4pm to rescue two of the six members of an Auckland climbing party. Pilot Mike Parker said it was a diffcult rescue and weather conditions had made it nearly impossible for the helicopter to get close to the group. "There was poor visibility and low cloud. We were nearly going to give up but we started to head back towards Stratford to refuel and found a hole where we managed to get in." He said an alpine rescue team member and a paramedic had been winched to the injured people who were stuck on snow and ice. "They weren't in a very secure spot. They had slid a long way down the mountain. There was a big gap between where they started and where they ended up." He said the group had been split when several of them fell. "There were four or five of them up the top and four or five of them down the bottom." He said the group had been on their way to Syme Hut on Fanthams Peak and had been on the track. The two injured people were winched up and taken to Taranaki Base Hospital. Mr Parker said the helicopter had flown back around the mountain in the darkness, aided by night-vision goggles and had returned to New Plymouth around 7pm. The rescue helicopter team had already had to turn down an earlier mountain rescue job after cloud cover prevented the aircraft from getting close to an injured mountain guide and his clients. A search and rescue team was sent out on foot and returned with the group.

Thank you very much ResQlink,you got my exact spot for SAR!