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Sailing to Kiribati

Name Juan Zea Restrepo
Product Name ResQLink+ PLB
Date of Rescue 05/13/2013
Saved By USCG and kota wangi container carrier PIL
Beacon Purchased From West Marine marina del rey
Lives Saved 1

I was sailing to Kiribati when the second driver of the autohelm stop working after 28 days since I left Marina del Rey. So had to I steer but the third day the sun hit me so strong that I was unable to keep the wheel. I was dehidrated, sunstroked, with diarrhea and force-less.

Then I drifted for 4 days; the waves were 2-3 meters high and it was very difficult to cook, even to sleep and I was going to Japan... I lost a lot of weight so on monday 13 may,I took the decision to ask for rescue. I deployed my PLB 375 ACR Epirb waiting for a boat to rescue me from Hawaii, 1200 miles north of my position. I was sending MAY DAY each hour and 3 only 3 hours later the plane of the USCG answered me!!! what a nice surprise... they reassure me and they help me founding a container ship going to Melbourne, Australia, and that night they rescued me.

Kota Wangi of PIL was the ship that rescue me. they throw me a rope to tie me and then they pulled me up. It was 2 dramatics minutes because the big ship hit the solar panel, the stanchions and broke the mast cross. the captain Hery Julianto took the decision diverting his way 150 miles to my rescue. this guy and the crew were excellent. Then I arrived ALIVE to Melbourne on 28 of may/2013.

Well, when I went to buy my epirb and west marine I found this little Personal Locator Beacon and I made the best decision.
Thanks to the builders, designers, sellers and all the crew at ACR ELECTRONICS because you SAVE my life.
I love you.....