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It will save your life!!

Name Jeff and Marta
Product Name ACR AquaLink
Date of Rescue 06/17/2013
Saved By Puerto Rico Police Dept. (FURA Maritime Unit) and U S Coast Guard
Lives Saved 2

Like everybody knows, things happen and they happen fast. Me and my girlfriend went on a day trip to enjoy a peacefull Monday. We live on the West coast of Puerto Rico. We took our small boat to the Southwest corner of the island to the town of Combate. After a few hours of enjoying the empty beach, I decided to go fish for a bit before going to have an early dinner.

To make a long story short, we headed off shore about a 1 mile and a half or so. When we broke the plane of the corner of the island the coditions changed rapidly. The boat got swamped and took on too much water. I grabbed my pelican case which had in it my ACR AquaLink and a handheld radio, put her in her lifevest and grabbed mine. I am a person that tries his best to prepare, and have a lot of experience (23 yrs) with adverse conditions and emergency situations (due to the nature of my work, from military to federal law enforcement).

Once in the water and gaining our composure, we were able to work together to access the items in the case. A call was put out to my co workers with the radio, and the AquaLink was activated. I know it does not sound far, but it's not the place you want to be with no one around. Within about 55 minutes the Coast Guard helo and the police boats arrived on scene. I talked with the rescue swimmer before going aboard the police boat. I asked him if they got the signal, not knowing if they arrived because I was able to get out on the handheld radio briefly. He told me that they had the signal from my AquaLink and that was the reason the arrived directly.

I cannot say enough about this product. It will save your life!! Thanks to the people that make this product, and thanks to my girlfriend for displaying such bravery, courage, and composure.

My story says it all, but I would like to extend to all of you my gratitude. Thank you all for supplying such an incredibly perfect product. I hope I never have to write to again. But if I do, it is because your product saved my life.

Jeffrey Kushon