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GlobalFix PRO Saves 5 Lives

Name Shayne Sadler
Product Name ACR Globalfix PRO
Date of Rescue 02/12/2012
Saved By Canadian Coast Gaurd
Lives Saved 5 people

We headed out on the water with my 42 foot fish boat.  We were out on what was supposed to be a fun outing to pull some prawn traps up the inlet. Half way to our destination we saw some water spouts out in front of us. The high wind from a water spout hit the boat broadside.

Water SpoutThe boat leaned over till it was on its side and started to fill up with water. We all got out on the side of the hull, got life jackets and survival suit on and got the life raft out.

With the EPIRB in hand we climbed into the raft and activated the ACR GlobalFix PRO. 40 minutes later we were rescued. What a great feeling to see the coast guard heading for us. That EPIRB was a life saver. Without it no one would have known we were in trouble.


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Thanks guys for making it safer to be on the water.