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"Your beacons saved my life"

Name Victor Mooney
Product Name GlobalFix Pro, AquaLink 406 GPS
Date of Rescue 03/20/2011
Saved By MV Norfolk, Amver/ US Coast Guard, US Air Force, MRCC GRIS NEZ (FRANCE), MRCC DAKAR
Lives Saved Mooney

I was making an attempt to row from Cape Verde to New York to encourage voluntary HIV testing and advocate prevention. Early on, my boat took on water. I deployed my life raft and drifted for days before I was rescued. On my second day, a ship approached me, but turned away. I certainly had some divine intervention, but I was prepared with the best tools. ACR supplied me with a pair of beacons. I'll be sharing this story at the World Maritime Rescue Congress in Shanghai this August.

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Your products allows many of us to enjoy our passions. Thank-you for your continued support towards Goree Challenge IV. Can't wait for the conference in China. Your beacons saved my life.