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I bought it but never thought I would have to use it

Name Gary Mallow
Product Name AquaLink PLB
Date of Rescue 08/06/2011
Saved By US Coast Guard ship USS Drummond and helicopter
Beacon Purchased From West Marine
Lives Saved 4 people

We had departed from Ft. Lauderdale to Freeport on Friday and had an uneventful and very pleasant trip over. It was during our return that things got bad. We had an engine alarm go off on the port engine and out of precaution I shut down one engine.

We were approximately 40 miles out from Ft Laudedale when we lost all of our electronics and power but still limping on one engine and it was getting late in the afternoon and still far out. We had a hand held radio but to far out to contact anyone. So with limited power and no electronics or power I activated the AquaLink. Within 30 minutes we had the coast guard helicopter circling us and a short time later the USS Drumond was there. We had an escort by the Drummond and then US Tow helped the rest of the way as we ran out of fuel on the good engine. I bought the AquaLink never thinking I would have to use it, but the first trip with it on board it was a life saver. My thanks to everyone at your company.

To everyone at ACR. Your AquaLink is an awesome product. I have relayed our story to all my friends that fish off shore and even purchased one for our daughter that hikes. Thanks so much.

Gary w. Mallow, MD