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Rescue Map

Rock Wall injury

Name Effland
Product Name SARLink PLB
Date of Rescue 09/14/2010
Saved By Air Force-Va state police-local EMS
Beacon Purchased From West Marine
Lives Saved One

We were Rock Climbing in the George Washington National Forest. The group was a Boy Scout Troop from Crozet, Virginia. We had a professional guide service to lead the expedition with about 12 Scouts. All was going until we started repealing down the Rock Wall. When one of our leaders suddenly smacked her head on the wall and went unconscious. Amy was hanging there lifeless. We tried to call 911 with no cell service. So luckily I threw my PLB in my pack and we decided that was the best option. As the professional climbers were repelling down to help Amy which took a while. They finally got her back up after more than an hour. At that time Local EMS had hiked up there with a stretcher and loaded Amy up. We all took turns carrying her out. Amy had a concussion and a broken collar bone. She was ok but still has lingering shoulder problems from the result of her accident. A few weeks later I received a call from the Virginia State Emergency Agency and interviewed me over the phone. They were trying to promote more usage of your great product. Thank you ACR!

Dear ACR, our local Boy Scout Troop thanks you for saving one of our leaders on a Rock Climbing trip. A true life saver your products have proved to be! Edgar Hoffman