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Rescue Map

Rescued by a Park Service-contracted helicopter.

Name Andy Young
Product Name MicrOFix PLB
Date of Rescue 07/17/2010
Saved By Park Service-contracted helicopter
Lives Saved 1

I was rescued by a Park Service-contracted helicopter. 

In the western section of Denali National Park, on a river bar on the Eagle Gorge section of the McKinley river, about 20 miles north of Mt. McKinley

I was flying  in the Alaska backcountry, making a tricky landing on a small gravel bar in the middle of a river.  The landing went fine, but on the roll-out, my right landing gear unexpectedly broke right off, immediately dropping the right wing and prop into the gravel.   This rendered the plane unusable, of course, leaving me stranded on the small gravel bar island.  Even if I could have crossed the river, the nearest settlement was a long way off, through very difficult country.  I activated my ACR beacon, and a short time later, help arrived, and I was evacuated by helicopter.