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Rescue Map

A beautiful winter day in the Everglades

Name Omar & Ralph
Product Name GlobalFix
Date of Rescue 11/18/2009
Saved By United States Coast Guard
Lives Saved 2

It was a beautiful winter day in Everglades National Park, out of Flamingo Lodge, Florida. We were fishing in a 16'4 Gheenoe. We were planning on spending a couple nights camping and felt pretty safe carrying the GlobalFix EPIRB in case of an emergency. But what happened next was very unexpected!

We were headed out in the morning in the middle of white water bay when all of the sudden we hit something and the boat flipped, sending us and all of our gear in the water. Luckily we were not seriously hurt but the boat was upside down. Before we even had time to get the boat turned back over (not even 20 minutes) a coast guard plane flew overhead.

The GlobalFix had sent out the distress call because it was underwater. The engine would not start, but we felt safe knowing the coast guard knew our location! They dispatched a helicopter and two ranger boats to come to get us!

Thanks ACR, not only for saving so many lives but for also giving us the chance to explore the outdoors with confidence of making it home safe!!