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Name Chris Klinke
Product Name ACR Strobe- Firefly
Date of Rescue 05/23/2009
Saved By Team
Lives Saved 7

I just wanted to share with you the benefits of ACR's emergency strobes. I have used ACR strobe lights on my last three expeditions. The first one I used (C-Strobe) on K2 in 2008. I placed the light on the tent at Camp 4. It was credited by 6 people descending in the night with saving their lives and safely guiding them into camp 4. It was a terrible night and by the following day we learned that 11 people had died.

While attending the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market Show in Salt Lake City in 2010, I spoke to the guys working the ACR booth and explained this story to them. They graciously gave me a new ACR Firefly3 strobe for my upcoming Makalu Expedition. Again, ACR saved lives. We were caught in a complete whiteout on our descent from the summit. Lhapka, one of our Sherpa's, slid over 1000 m down a serac and was knocked unconscious. He was disoriented and not sure of where he was on the mountain. He was about 1800m(distance not vertical) from our Camp 4. He was not able to see any headlamps. In fact, you could barely make out any terrain features more then 10 m in front of your face. But he was able to see a dull flashing glaring through the falling snow. He started walking towards the light and within an hour and half arrived safely into Camp 4. I left the strobe with him to use on his next trip.


Chris Klinke, a former vice president of a financial services firm, gave up his 70-hour workweek a few years ago to train and become a professional mountaineer, handling ground logistics and working with Sherpas in planning expeditions.

I can honestly say I will never go on expedition without an ACR strobe to use at high camp. The lithium batteries I put in have lasted up 36 hours in sub zero temperatures and I know it has saved lives. I wanted to say thank you for helping make people safe all over world.