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Boat disabled by whale, Satellite2 EPIRB to the Rescue

Name Barry Demak
Product Name ACR SATELLITE2 406™ EPIRB
Date of Rescue 10/28/2009
Saved By United States Coast Guard
Lives Saved 5

We were fifty miles off the Baja Peninsula - five people aboard a 40-foot sailboat when we happened upon a pod of humpback whales. One collided with our boat and caused severe structural damage. The rudder became completely dislodged and tremendous amounts of water began pouring into the disabled vessel.

Fortunately, we were well prepared to do our part to enable our rescue, as the boat was equipped with outstanding safety gear: PFDs, an offshore liferaft and an ACR EPIRB.

Some 40+ minutes after the impact, we were entering the water, boat disappearing beneath our feet and scrambling into our liferaft. Approximately four hours after we activated our EPIRB we heard the sound of the USCG Jayhawk in the distance. We made radio contact, launched a flare and the helo came right to us. They lowered a swimmer and conducted a stellar, textbook evacuation hoisting all five sailors safely aboard for transport to San Diego.



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We appreciate the contributions of the men and women behind the ACR beacon products. We have a sincere debt of gratitude to the company and its employees.

The actual beacon we used has been "retired," and is now is proudly on display in our classroom.