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Successfully Ditching in the Pacific

Name Jeff Luboff
Product Name AquaFix PLB
Date of Rescue 09/01/2005
Saved By United States Coast Guard
Lives Saved 1

Hello all, Just catching up with survival club, and I thought I would share my story again, it's been awhile, Sept 1, 2005, I headed out to sea in my single engine airplane for an 8 hour day of scouting for fish.

About 25 minutes out I noticed a drop in power and my first scan of my gauges told me my oil temp was up just a little. I made a few calls on the radio and told all I was headed for nearest land, point Dume in Malibu, 12 miles away, and at the same time noticed I was not holding altitude (1000 feet).  This meant I may not make land, I instantly reached for my survival gear first securing my ACR PLB 406, 121.5 and GPS enabled for a quick fix on position, around my neck by the lanyard and tucked it in my shirt.  I released the door pins but did not jettison the doors, got my survival suit ready and continued towards the beach, now at 600 feet.

Boom, A cylinder blew off the engine , leaving only 3, and all the oil on the windshield, but it kept trying to run, 400 feet I put out maydays , and kept updating my position and heading. 1 minute later I successfully ditched, and got out of the airplane and activated my ACR AquaFix. This should put search and rescue within 10 square meters of my position.  I then donned my survival suit and watched my plane sink in about 2 to 3 minutes.

Rescue Image Of LuboffI had a bit of a bruise from the harness, and a small cut on my forehead, (half inch) but otherwise unscathed! An hour and 20 minutes later I was picked up, and Always keep my PLBs close at hand, and they are smaller and better than ever. Hope they never get used, but I always fly with one in my pocket,

Hope anyone out there thinking about the cost, WELL WORTH IT!  Three years my grandson was born on Sept 1st!  Guess it was a good day after all.


Thanks ACR,