Return Material Authorization

ACR Electronics, Inc. (ACR) offers material and workmanship warranty coverage to our customers for most ACR products. In order to initiate a warranty request for warranty repair or replacement, out-of-warranty repair, or credit return,  customers are instructed to contact ACR as follows:

New Product Returns: +1 (954) 862-2191

Returns for Repair:  +1 (954) 862-2196

Please provide the information (requested below) to obtain an RMA Number in support of an authorized product return.  

Customers should have the following information available prior to calling ACR:

1. Customer Account Number (if an ACR Trading Partner)

2. Original Purchase Order Number (if an ACR Trading Partner)

3.  ACR Order Number; (if an ACR Trading Partner)

4.  ACR Invoice Number; (if an ACR Trading Partner)

5.  Product Serial Number

6.  Product Model Number

7.  Manufacture Date

By returning or sending products back to ACR Electronics, Inc., you are doing so in accordance with our Return Material Authorization Policy

For Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) service please call +1(954) 258-0225 and provide the model number, part number and serial number of the required Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT).

 If you are unable to call due to time zone constraints please email