SurvivorClub FAQs

I lost my EPIRB/PLB at sea during a rescue operation and cannot send it to you in exchange for a replacement beacon. What do I do?

Please contact to determine what other proof of ownership exists and provide us with details of the rescue. If we can confirm through this process that you owned one of our beacons and legitimately used it in a rescue, you are eligible for a free replacement beacon.

Once someone enters the Survivor Club program, you replace their used beacon with a new beacon. Is that because an ACR or Artex beacon can only be used once before it must be replaced?

Absolutely not. ACR and Artex beacons are built to be used multiple times, though the battery should be replaced after each use. The purpose behind our replacement offer is to incentivize legitimate survivors who have used an ACR/Artex beacon to share their experiences with other outdoor sports enthusiasts who may one day benefit from the use of a lifesaving beacon.

I used an ACR/Artex beacon two years ago and was rescued from a dangerous situation. Am I eligible for the free replacement beacon?

The Survivor Club, with all of its program benefits, became active on October 1, 2012. However, if you legitimately activated a beacon prior to that time, please contact to discuss what options may be available to you.

I used your beacon in a rescue, but I don’t want to replace it. Am I eligible to receive another item of value in exchange for becoming a member of the Survivor Club?

We understand you may not want to give up the beacon that was instrumental in avoiding a tragedy. If this is the case, we will arrange to have the used beacon serviced for you free of charge, including replacement of the battery, O-rings, and gaskets, and we will perform a full test sequence.

I live in Australia. Do I quality to become a Survivor Club member?

Yes, is for anyone, regardless of where they live, who uses an ACR/Artex beacon in a life-threatening situation. Certain restrictions apply so please read our terms and conditions.

If I don’t have any photos of my rescue, can I still participate?

If you don't have a rescue-oriented photo, you can submit a photo of you and/or any others (family/friends) who were involved in the rescue, or a photo of your boat/plane/jeep/camp/etc. 

The EPIRB that I used in my rescue is very old and is not manufactured by ACR any longer. Which of your current EPIRBs will you be sending me as a replacement?

Based upon the technology and features that are found in the EPIRB you used, we will send you a replacement with equal or greater technology/features.

Is free installation included with my replacement beacon?

We provide you with only the free replacement beacon, not the cost of any installation.

Must the beacon I used be manufactured by ACRArtex in order to participate in the Survivor Club?

Yes, at this time, we are restricting the program to ACR/Artex beacons only.