Artex Service Notices

The following Service Notices are downloadable in pdf format requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Available Documents  

ARTEX Service Information Letter SIL4002 - New Programming System and Training for ARTEX Branded  ELT(03/16/2018)
ARTEX Service Information Letter SIL4001 - G-switch Testing Advisory (03/15/2018)
ARTEX Service Advisory 002 - ELT1000 Final Installation Procedure (03/13/2015)
ARTEX Service Information Letter SIL4011 -  New G-switch with UV Cure for B/C/G406 Series ELTs (09/11/2014)
ARTEX Service Advisory 001 - ME406 Mounting Tray Change (11/15/2013) 
ARTEX Service Notice SN 31 - ME406 G-Switch Change Notice to Aircraft Owners and Maintenance Facilities (08/23/2013)
ARTEX Service Advisory 161011.1 - Mount ME406 Exhibiting Slightly Loose Strap Condition (10/11/2016)

ARTEX Repairs and Warranty

At ACR Electronics, we have a fully approved FAR 145 repair center located at our headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Contact the ARTEX Repair Center at 954-862-2107 for any ARTEX repair and service work.
Hours: 7:30am - 4:30pm (Eastern Standard Time) / Monday through Friday.