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    Cardrona, New Zealand
    44.8822°S, 169.0036°E
    Cardrona, New Zealand
    44.8822°S, 169.0036°E

    Resqlink plb front view


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    Local Search and Rescue
    Date Of Rescue

    Lives saved







    Crash Or Collision

    What happened?


    Myself and my girlfriend were out for a day of skiing and speedriding (Thats flying a small paraglider with skis on). It was 1130 am when we decided to go for a speed ride down a valley below the ski field and land in a paddock down at the bottom of the hill. Something the two of us have done before flying for over 14 years between us. The day was calm and all signs were suggesting the day was good for it. As we got lower in the valley we came into wind and turbulence due to the sun popping out and baking the ridge we were planning on landing on. 

    I landed safely ahead of my girlfriend, I then turned around to watch her come into land but she was nowhere to be seen. I ran up the hill and found her where she had crashed into the ground. Initially she wasn't breathing she had to be rolled and her airway cleared. I instantly activated my ResQlink Personal Locator Beacon and continued to administer first aid. Trying to keep her still as she had a serious head injury and the mechanics of the crash meant we had to expect a spine injury.

    The rescue coordination called me, took details of the accident and confirmed a heli was on its way with paramedics. We had her in the chopper within 45 mins and on her way to the closest hospital that could help her. 

    Once she got to hospital we found out the full extent of her injuries: Broken Back, Broken Leg, 2 Broken Ribs, Broken bone in her hand as well as a lacerated liver. The speed of the rescue was paramount and the PLB was the key to the fast streamlined response from Lakes District Air Rescue Trust. Thanks.

    The recovery is now underway and she is expected to make a near full recovery. We are both very pleased that we had the PLB at hand when we needed it.


    Words of Wisdom


    Always be prepared.

    Thank you note to ACR


    Thank you! Carrying a PLB is an absolute lifeline that we can carry anywhere!

    Rescue Location


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    West Palm Beach, FL , Fishing



    Personal Locator Beacon

    It may be small, but it's tough. The ResQLink™ PLB Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is a GPS-enabled rescue beacon that's suited for outdoor adventures of all sizes (think: everything from hiking and cycling to hunting and fishing). Should you run into an unexpected situation, the ResQLink PLB will relay your location to a network of search and rescue satellites. PLBs have helped save thousands of people's lives.



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