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    British Columbia
    53.7267°N, 127.6476°W
    British Columbia
    53.7267°N, 127.6476°W

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    Medical Emergency

    What happened?


    I purchased my PLB primarily for backcountry wilderness travel, but routinely keep it with me when driving through the mountains of BC. There are many areas with no cell phone coverage. This afternoon I was one of the first on scene at a major traffic accident in just one such area. A minivan was off the side of the road, up an embankment, smashed to pieces, with the occupants apparently thrown from the vehicle during the crash. Both of them were badly injured, one more critically. One passenger left to drive back to cell phone coverage to call for help. 

    I decided to activate my PLB, knowing that the quick notification, as well as GPS location information, would help to get emergency services activated, and assistance to the couple faster than just waiting for the phone call to get through. By chance a search and rescue volunteer was also one of the first on the scene, and we provided emergency aid to the injured couple, and eventually CPR to the more critically injured man, until police and paramedics arrived on the scene. At this stage I do not know the fate of the man, but I do know we did everything we could, and the police informed me that they had received the PLB notification.

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    Words of Wisdom

    It was good to know that help would be on the way, and that it was just a matter of time, as soon as I switched the PLB on.

    Thank you note to ACR


    Thank you ACR!

    Rescue Location




    Buoyant Personal Locator Beacon

    It may be small, but it's tough. The ResQLink™+ Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is a buoyant, GPS-enabled rescue beacon that's suited for outdoor adventures of all sizes (think: everything from hiking and cycling to hunting and fishing). Should you run into an unexpected survival situation, the ResQLink+ PLB will relay your location to a network of search and rescue satellites, allowing local first responders to more easily get you home safe and sound. Be Prepared for the Unpredictable


    • Buoyant
    • LED strobe light
    • Self Test
    • 66 Channel GPS
    • Easy emergency activation
    • Antenna clip

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