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Dual mode device that combines the tracking and two-way data communications of the Iridium network with 406 MHz emergency locator services

Model Number: 2893/2894

Availability is strictly limited to United States Government and Military Agencies Only.  NOT FCC Approved.  This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the FCC. This device is not, and may not be offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.

As the first hand-held device that combines the global services of the Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD), and 406 MHz networks, SARLink offers unprecedented capability within a single hand-held unit. The Iridium based features meet the requirements for Personnel and Blue Force Tracking, as well as two-way messaging services for command and control (C2). The 406 MHz Locator Beacon leverages the proven reliability of the Search and Rescue network used for personnel recovery operations worldwide.

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About SARLink
SARLink was developed in consultation with military and government personnel to meet the requirements of operation in harsh environments. Size, weight, and power (SWaP) were key design factors. The unit is waterproof to a depth of one meter and is rated at IP-67. Additional environmental testing includes drop, vibration, bump, corrosion, and thermal shock. SARLink is a purpose-built device, ruggedized to endure the mission of today’s law enforcement, firefighting, search and rescue, emergency medical, and other emergency service personnel, as well as lone workers.

SARLink incorporates the proven reference designs of the NAL Research, Nano ts with its ultra-low power consumption for the Iridium functions, and the ACR Electronics Handheld Locator Beacon for a 406 MHz rescue beacon. SARLink can be provisioned for operation on either the U.S. DOD Gateway or the Iridium Commercial Gateway, supporting 10, 30 byte, and PECOS formats including brevity codes. SARLink’s data format interface is compatible with an array of situational awareness and mission management platforms.  256-Bit AES is optionally available. The 406 MHz beacon can be configured with Standard or National Protocol.

Distress Messaging
As a personnel recovery device, SARLink delivers simultaneous and redundant emergency notification through both the Cospas-Sarsat and
Iridium satellite networks when the SOS button is activated. On-board GPS sharing technology allows both alerts to include precise geolocation data. Operators may optionally send an Iridium only distress message to be received and responded to by the responsible operational support element. The two-way, satellite data communication capability combined with the distress alerting, allows for the verification of the distress alert as well as the ability to assist in the rescue by providing detailed information about the nature of the situation. This contributes to the response of a well informed and properly equipped recovery team. With SARLink, the operator also has the ability to cancel the emergency alert.

Friendly Force Tracking (FFT)

As an FFT device, SARLink provides the ability to transmit precise Position Location Information (PLI) data to the operation center Common Operating Picture (COP) platform at selectable intervals ranging from once per minute to once per day. Manually activated Check-In is also supported. SARLink features also include the ability to create, save, and send user defined waypoints. SARLink utilizes an open data, and DOD compatible, format protocol and supports 10 byte, 30 byte, PECOS 3 & 4 formats. SARLink is inherently supported as a device type by all of the widely deployed COP back-end visualization platforms. SARLink features the ability to be remotely configured over-the-air.

Two-Way Data Communication

SARLink offers two-way satellite messaging through Iridium’s network which delivers 100% global coverage free of gaps, fringe or weak signal areas. SARLink can communicate with other mobile devices including cell phones, satellite phones, and other SARLink units using two-way messaging as supported by the client’s back-end platform. These messaging options include free-text using the on-board QWERTY keyboard, canned messages, and a combination of free-text and canned messages. Brevity codes are also supported. Contact lists can be pre-defined and canned messages can be scripted by the system administrator and loaded across all agency devices. SARLink also support email messaging. SARLink can be provisioned utilizing the DISA, Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS) Airtime contract. The EMSS contract provides government agencies the opportunity to support an unlimited number of subscribers with unlimited usage on Iridium devices.


Dimensions 8.12 x 3.12 x 1.5 inches
Weight 355g
Waterproof Rating IP-67
Operating Temperature -20° to +55°C (-4° to +131°F)
Storage Temperature -30° to +70°C (-22° to +158°F)
Material High-Performance Engineered Polymer
Display LCD Touch Screen
Display Dimensions 3-inch (diagonal)
GPS Receiver U-BLOX MAX-7Q-0
Iridium Module Iridium 9603
Link Margin Downlink 13 dB average
Link Margin Uplink 7 dB average
Average Power Transmission 1 watt
Iridium Frequency 1616 to 1626.5 MHz
I/O Interface Mini-USB
GPS Tracking Send and/or save waypoints
GPS Tracking Intervals Between once per minute and once per day
SMS Texting Canned or custom messages
SMS Communication Two-Way (Satellite to Cell Phones, Sat Phones, SARLinks)
406 Emergency Activation Manual activation -- Slide protective door, press SOS button
Batteries 406 MHz: Dedicated lithium battery for distress alerting / Iridium: Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Battery Replacement (406 MHz) 7 years
Power Output (406 MHz) 5W +/- 2dB (406 MHz)
Frequency 406.040 MHz
Testing (406 MHz) Self test
Approvals SARLink has not yet been approved by the FCC. SARLink is not offered nor may it be offered for sale or lease on a commercial basis until FCC approval is obtained. Pending Cospas-Sarsat Approval


Contact ACR Government Sales for more information.

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Q: What is the availability of the SARLink?

Sales of this product are limited to the U.S. Military and Government entities.  This device has not been authorized for commercial sale and use as required by the rules of the FCC.  This device is not, and may not be offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, unless specific written authorization is obtained.

Q: Who do I talk with for military and government sales inquiries for the SARLink?

Contact ACR Government Sales for more information.
954-981-3333 or click here to email

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