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Buoyant Personal Locator Beacon

Model Number: PLB-375 / Part Number: 2881

Small and mighty, the ResQLink+ is a buoyant, GPS-enabled rescue beacon designed for anglers, pilots and backcountry adventurers.
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At 5.4 oz and topping just 4.5 inches, the ResQLink+ is both a small and buoyant Personal Locator Beacon. Small enough to be carried in your pocket, clipped to a backpack or stored inside an inflatable life jacket.

With three levels of integrated signal technology - GPS positioning, a powerful 406 MHz signal, and 121.5 MHz homing capability - the ResQLink+™ quickly and accurately relays your position to a worldwide network of search and rescue satellites. A built-in strobe light provides visibility during night rescues.

PLBs have been proven tried and true in some of the world's most remote locations and treacherous conditions. Just ask the 400 or so pilots, boaters and backcountry explorers who were saved by a PLB during a rigorous test program in Alaska. Based in large part on the test results, the federal government approved use of PLBs in the United States in 2003.

Even in extreme conditions and situations, the ResQLink+ activates easily. Just deploy the antenna and press the ON button. With its powerful 66-channel GPS, the ResQLink+™ guides rescuers to within 100 meters or less of your position. And, in the continental U.S., search and rescue personnel are typically alerted of your position in as little as five minutes with a GPS-enabled PLB such as the ResQLink+.

Two built-in tests allow you to routinely verify that the ResQLink+ is functioning and ready for use - with the push of a button, you can easily test internal electronics and GPS functionality.

  • Buoyant
  • No Subscription Fees
  • Super Bright LED Strobe
  • Onboard 66-Channel GPS
  • Self-Test and GPS Test Features
  • Typical Performance 30 Hours
  • Non-Hazmat Battery
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • If you use it...we'll replace it, Free of Charge.  Simply submit your story on our Survivor Club link, send us back your used beacon so we can have it mounted on our Wall of Fame and we'll send you a brand new beacon of equal or greater value.

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Product Number 2881
Model Number PLB-375
Size 1.6 x 1.9 x 4.5” (4.1 x 4.8 x 11.4 cm)
Weight 5.4 oz (153 g)
Battery, Class Class 2 (non-hazmat) lithium batteries
Battery, Replacement Interval Replacement due six (6) years from date of manufacture or after emergency use
Battery, Operational Life Exceeds required 24 Hours @ -4°F (-20°C)
Battery, Storage -40°F to + 158°F (-40°C to +70°C)
Material High Impact UV Resistant Plastic
Color ACR-treuse™ (high visibility yellow)
Activation Manual
Operation 2 steps: deploy antenna, press ON button, giving clear view of sky
Waterproof 16.40 ft (5 m) @ 1 hr., 33 ft (10 m) @ 10 min. Factory tested @ 70°F, exceeds RTCM waterproof requirements
Approvals Cospas-Sarsat, FCC, Canada, R&TTE, Australia, New Zealand
Limited Warranty 5 years
Lead Free Yes
406Link.com 220 self tests/12 GPS tests
Battery, Typical Performance 30 Hours @ -4°F (-20°C)
Accessories Double-sided Attachment Velcro Strap Included
Radiated Power 5W (406 MHz), 50 mW +/-3dB (121.5 MHz)


Warranty Length: 5 years

This product is warranted against factory defect in material and workmanship for a period of 5 (five)* years from date of purchase or receipt as a gift. During the warranty period ACR Electronics, Inc. will repair or at its option, replace at no cost to you for labor, materials or return transportation.

For further assistance, please contact our Technical Service Department at :

ACR Electronics, Inc.
5757 Ravenswood Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312-6645.

Email: service@acrelectronics.com, Fax: +1 (954) 983-5087, Telephone: +1 (954) 981- 3333.

This warranty does not apply if the product has been damaged by accident or misuse, or as a result of service or modification by other than the manufacturer.  The COMPANY MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ANY OTHER MATTER WITH RESPECT TO THIS PRODUCT, except as otherwise expressly stated in the previous paragraph. The Company shall not be liable for consequential or special damages. In order to place the warranty in effect, choose a form above and complete it entirely. Or you may fill out the registration card accompanying your product (if applicable) which must be returned to ACR Electronics, Inc. within ten days of purchase.

*Five Years for the following products:  EPIRB, PLB ,  S-VDR,  SSAS. 

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Peace of Mind

By Ed on June 12, 2018 Hi - I got this for myself as I am a avid outdoorsmen. Last year I was snowboarding and fell in a 8 foot vent hole created by volcanic activity ( steam ) My snowboard bridged across this hole and I was hanging upside down like a bat. Since I was deep in the back country my cell phone was useless . During the fight to get out of this hole, I vowed to find something like your product so if I am in this predicament every again. My chances of survival are much better. And since I am a kiteboarder who loves to kite the open ocean of the North Pacific. This is the ideal product for me. I will definitely keep on my person during these times. Thanks !


By Hagar 62 on June 12, 2018 I bought this PLB to provide peace of mind while adventuring on my own on both land and sea. I hope never to have to use it.

Peace of Mind for wife

By WillyJP on June 12, 2018 Just got it today. Registered it with NOAA and sent in Warranty digitally. It will give dear wife a little peace of mind when I am out all day. It is amazing only as big as a small flip phone.

A friend recommended this beacon to me. Her beacon saved her life!

By Marie on June 12, 2018 A friend of mine was injured badly while hiking and was unable to walk. She activated her beacon and was successfully rescued. This is the best endorsement I could get, and a personal one. I hope to never need this PLB but it will travel with me on all of my adventures from now on in case of a life-threatening emergency.


By Pete Wehr on June 12, 2018 Have used them on SAREX"s or" Search and Rescue Ex" Have been found every time ! aIr, Land and Sea. A must have for emergency situations.

Lost and Found

By Don on June 12, 2018 I'm in my young seventies and I fish offshore mostly by myself. I do file a float plan with my family but the Atlantic ocean can get awfully large when your looking for someone. That is why I bought an ACR PLB for my family and myself. I plan on fishing even more in my eighties. LOL

Great product

By TNT 44 on June 12, 2018 I have been using acr products for over 20 years, I fish offshore in the northeast and in sw Florida,since I fish solo a lot in Fla,I wanted something small with big performance I could attach to my life vest.this fits the bill!

For peace of mind

By Salacia on June 12, 2018 Purchased the PLB ResQLink for the travels close to land and to be part of the ditch bag once I go offshore . I will be getting an EPIRB for the boat before heading offshore . For the money this is a great product . Thanks ACR

Just feels right...

By Zohntiaux on June 12, 2018 I enjoy mountaineering. More specifically, I enjoy making winter, solo summit attempts. There have been multiple times I came close to needing a PLB, but thankfully made it home. In chatting with a Rep at REI, he questioned whether I had this specific PLB or not, and then why in the h@ll I didn't have it. The only answer I could honestly give was the truth, "I don't even know anything about these things." I started researching PLB's, and companies that offer them, and am convinced that there is only one that I am completely comfortable carrying: the ACR ResQLink. I did buy the 'plus' model, so if something happens in Hawaii, etc., I have one PLB that meets my needs. (the extra ounces for the 'plus' were hard to swallow, but "climb-on" anyway, right!) In truth, it feels so fantastic to have this that I am considering purchasing additional units for family members. The guy at REI kinda sold me on the idea, but hanging the ResQLink+ on my backpack while packing for my last winter summit attempt of this season, has convinced me that the technology is absolutely worth it. It feels awesome! I was afraid that it may cause me to feel like a newbie, or like I was 'punking out', but it didn't: it was the opposite, really. I feel more legitimate, like I could actually help a newbie if needed. It's hard to explain, but it just feels right.

Compact, Durable, Light, Full featured

By Mountainzone on June 12, 2018 This is the 2nd ACR PLB I have purchased, I still own the older model (Micro Fix GPS enabled) and it is in service. I wanted the newer, compact and waterproof one. I was very impressed how small, compact and light the new one is. I do a variety of activities from: Hiking, Backpacking, Climbing, Riding my Adventure Motorcycle - wanted to have something in case I crash and need help. I am also a private pilot and often fly into mountainous terrain. I wanted a back to the aircraft's ELT mounted on board as sometimes they fail. I have served over 20 years in search and rescue; Land, Air and Marine. The single most important thing is rescue not survival. If you are injured you may only survive less than 24hrs no matter how much food, water and shelter you have. The single best way to be rescued is with a PLB on your person. You need to survive until they arrive, so bring all the essentials. I hope I never need this unit but the security of knowing I can get help in an emergency is the best insurance ever. It is well worth the price.

Purchase this product

By Douglas Straining on June 12, 2018 I fish offshore 45 + miles a lot. One day my son who was 9 at time said what do can I do to get help if something happens and u get hurt. That’s when I realized I needed a PLB. Such a small price to pay for a piece of mind. The other reason is I can take the unit where ever I go.


By Martin on June 12, 2018 Best small PLB you can buy.

Hopefully I'll never have to use it

By Maluis on June 12, 2018 I read nothing but good reviews on this PLB and that's why I bought it , I am hoping never to find out if it actually works but knowing that I have read nothing but good things about it, it gives me nothing but good peace of mind nowing that it there just in case.

Feeling more prepared for an off shore emergency.

By Michael on June 12, 2018 Just bought it for my off shore fishing trips. Have it for a just in case life or death type emergency!

It's an ACR - enough said!

By JW on June 12, 2018 I worked with beacon devices in the military for years. Now that I'm out, I still enjoy the backcountry but I am amazed at how much land still has limited or no cell coverage for emergencies. I like to disconnect when in the backcountry so I can't bring myself to get a satellite phone, but I like knowing that help is just the push of a button away. The older I get the more I realize that I might not be able to crawl in from the backcountry any more. Kayaking in the backcountry, traveling across the interior of Alaska alone, offshore boating - those trips aren't going to end any time soon but they are all made safer with the PLB. I did my research on line and in person, looking at battery life, reliability, functionality, ease of use, and number of actual saves. Do your research, then get an ACR - you won't go wrong!

Peace of Mind

By Excited Coustomer on June 12, 2018 It is good to have the peace of mind when doing things that could go wrong.

New purchase

By Paul on June 12, 2018 Getting ready to go cruising down the ICW for a month and thought this to be a must have. Also do a lot of chartering in the Caribbean and never had one on board. This will be easy to take along.

Compact PLB

By Tom on June 12, 2018 This unit was part of a rebate for a larger EPIRB, one of the main reasons for purchasing the higher end unit. When I got this I knew it would be smaller, and inside the "small" box was an even smaller box. This unit is a bit smaller than I thought (that's a good thing) since it will only add a very small weight to the vest. Unit is small, maybe 2" wide, 2" thick and 4" long, similar to one of the older slide cell phones. Unit has a test bottom to test both the unit and the GPS (I have not done that yet). I like the PLB as it can be used on land, and water, vs the EPIRB which is water only. Unit appears to be well belt, the self test past, and I hope I never have to use this, but for the small price to pay, it's worth the added security over the cell phone, VHF, Flares, and all the other tools.

Compact enough to carry always

By Andrew on May 22, 2018 I bough this after considering how we sail: Double handed, with single person night watches. I chose this over other systems because the helm would carry attached to life jacket always, whereas an EPIRB would need deploying, and an AIS tracker would need someone on deck to act with The system is simple to use, has a 5 year battery life, self test feature, easily attached to life jacket, registration was easy An AIS tracker attached to the PLB would be a great feature, but it seems we don't have that tech available right now

Sleep easy

By Mini on February 5, 2018 This will allow me and my family to sleep well knowing that I can be located in the most dire of conditions. Thank you for a great product!

New Purchase

By Randy on January 10, 2018 Test and Looks like a good product. Good Fit on my life jacket.

Solo Kayaking

By James Woodford on January 10, 2018 I do a lot of my kayaking alone so it gives me peace of mind that in the worst scenario I can contact emergency services. I do carry a VHF radio but the range from a kayak is limited and its good to have a back up if contact via VHF fails

peace of mind

By Ryan on December 21, 2017 Gives you confidence when in remote areas

No subscription

By pheasant1700 on December 21, 2017 I plan on taking this on many hiking trips, fishing, hunting and any other travels. The unit is small and lightweight, but best of all NO SUBSCRIPTION! Hopefully I'll never have to use it


By NICK on October 10, 2017 Flying around Australia is a fantastic experience, but given that 90% of the population live with 100km of the coastline, there is a vast expanse of sparsely or unpopulated areas. It is mandatory to fly with ELB's ELT's EPIRB's pr PLB's. The ResQLink is perfect. It is small, lightweight, and therefore easy to locate in the aircraft in an immediately accessible place in the event of an emergency (not in a bag)! I can highly recommend this product as the perfect safety companion.

Missing Neighbor

By Dave on October 10, 2017 My neighbor went on a fishing trip with one other person about 3 weeks ago and never returned, only thing that was found was his boat. I think the ACR PLB was the best purchase I've ever made in my 60 years!

Just in Case

By Don on October 10, 2017 I do a fair amount of solo offshore fishing in SE Florida and purchased this PLB just in case the the worst case scenario occurs. I plan to keep it on my person at all times when solo offshore.

Peace of mind

By ART on October 10, 2017 I fly medical evac. fixed wing, and every trip I do is extended over water legs day and night. I need to have every advantage I can have. Considering the immense size, and strong currents of the ocean, I would prefer to give myself and medical team increased odds of being located as soon as possible.

Excellent product and easy to setup

By MIKE on October 10, 2017 Hi hope I never have to use this product but it gives my family and myself peace of mind when I fly. Its easy to setup and register and its so compact it will fit in any flight bag. Great product!


By Youtoo on September 18, 2017 This is for peace of mind when I'm in the back of beyond by myself.

getting a second chance

By Joe on September 18, 2017 After going on some "not so safe" Caribbean excursions, I swore I would bring a personal locator the next time. True Stories: A friend of mine was tubing behind a speed boat operated by a local hotel in Aruba in 1998 when the boat became suddenly disabled as the propeller quickly ate up the tow rope. The operator had NO communication with land as they drifted a further off shore. The boat began taking on water and they sat there drifting and listing for hours. Finally the boss came out looking for them in the larger speed boat but missed locating them by a few miles. Around dusk another boat came by and crashed into them, unbelievable! Finally, 7 hours later all 5 of them were rescued by Venezuela Coast Guard. My friend, his wife and daughter (with a broken arm) and the 2 operators. This true story had me realize, that you are on your own, especially in other countries. Then this happened to me a year later: I went on a Dominican Republic Club Med "sanctioned" private fishing charter in 1999. The Captain was a kid, it was a small craft advisory, he was pounding every wave at a high rate of speed going out bound. I asked the kid where the PFDs were, he said in the cabin man! I went to see and couldn't believe what I saw...they had 12 PFDs cabled and pad locked. I asked him to unlock the preservers, it took him 5 minutes. Then we continued and started taking on water from the cracks that developed during the pounding and of course the VHF radio failed...so the mate opened the panel and most of the 12 volt wires were bare, sparking and twisted together by hand, and this was advertised as a Coast Guard inspected vessel! Against odds we happened to limp back to shore. I swore Never Again. So now I have a young son, whenever we go and enjoy fishing and boating, especially when we travel, we bring our personal locator beacons. Hey, you never know what you are gonna get out there, but we are definitely getting a "second chance" with our ResQLink+.

Must have item

By Capt Art on September 18, 2017 As a licensed delivery captain and avid sailor, I've had an epirb on most of my vessels. But you can't beat the size and performance of this unit and I won't be found on-board a delivery without it!


By Z.Asuncion on September 18, 2017 Bought this unit after a fellow kayaker ran into some trouble. Weather report said that it would be nice all day and ended being the total opposite. A hurricane miles and miles away shifted and brought heavy wind and rain his way. He flipped a few times and had to call for help. Coast guard and Lifeguards on jet skis came to assist him which for sure saved his life. I have a family and would want to come home to them after every trip also!

Good peace of mind

By Hurricane Bruiser on July 13, 2017 I have had search and rescue looking for me twice and neither time did I really need rescuing. When I was a teenager I had a bike wreck in the wilderness and could not make it out before dark and a search was launched for me. I found them while walking my bike out in the morning. The second incident was backpacking with coworkers and when I went geocaching by myself one day and did not return as soon as they thought I should, they hiked out and called search and rescue. Then I had to hike out and call the search off. My motivation is to give others peace of mind that they do not need to worry about me as much since if I truly am in trouble, I have a means of calling for help. I also have started doing 10 day plus canoe trips into remote areas and it give me peace of mind to be able to contact rescue personnel for myself or others if the need arises. Hope I never need to use it.

Safety for myself & family

By Love on July 13, 2017 This helps to protect my life & makes my wife feel that I am more protected on my fishing trips to the bahamas. Nice birthday gift!

First thing I've ever bought with the purpose of never using

By Steve on July 13, 2017 I cannot vouch for how well it works since I've never used it. I hope I can say that decades from now. I sail singlehanded off the coast and it adds peace of mind for me and my family to know that my odds of being lost at sea are substantially reduced. It's the cheapest life insurance policy in existence.

Piece of mind while adventuring

By Mel on July 13, 2017 Hope to never have to use this, but risk of my life is worth beyond the cost. I do a lot of solo-venturing and this is a safety piece of mind for myself, family and friends when I am out of contact.

Now I'm Protected

By Greg on May 26, 2017 I have finally just bought a ResQLink ACR PLB, after putting it off for years because I am an older person, over 65, who grew up using only map and compass long before GPS and PLBs were in use. A few years ago I was hiking solo in rugged remote terrain and had a bad fall, dislocated my shoulder and did some nerve damage and. then had to crawl for seven hours to get to a cabin, and then had to wait for six days, until my latest-return-home date had expired and my friend then notified Search and Rescue and they sent a helicopter and two searchers to search for me. If I'd had a PLB I would have most probably been rescued within a few hours of having the accident. The search co-coordinator stressed the need for me to buy a PLB and stressed that Search and Rescue these days is quicker, safer, and more efficient because of PLBs: fewer search resources are needed and less risk to searchers are usually the outcomes of searches these days, thanks to PLBs. My research before I bought a PLB concluded that ACR ResQLink PLBs are the best value for money as they do not need subscriptions, they are reliable (some other brands have negative reviews), and they are replaced if used. Now when I hike solo I'll feel protected. Thanks, Artex.

Absolute peace of mind

By Sean S on May 26, 2017 I offroad in very some very remote parts of California and Nevada. Having this gives me peace of mind that if I am faced with the worst possible situation, help is nearby and coming. No subscription fees, no batteries to charge or more importantly worry about, completely waterproof and hardened, rugged, buoyant case, powerful 5 Watt transmitter (more than ten times that of the nearest comparable competition), no worries! I hope that I never have to use but if I do, I know that I can have faith that it will work!

ResQlink+ should be required for all Mariners

By Maverick2004054 on May 26, 2017 I am a Merchant Marine and as a professional mariner, I believe this product is the best personal safety device anyone who works on the water can get. Being on the High Seas is inherently dangerous and I keep a ResQlink+ with me so I have the peace of mind that I will be able to go home to my family in the event of a disaster aboard the ship. These should be mandated by the USCG for all Mariners working Commercial Ships. I'd really like to see Companies and Governments take the lead on innovative safety devices such as PLBs.

World's lightest, most efficient plb

By SaM on May 26, 2017 For a hiker, safety and weight is important. Sometimes a product being light loses some of its features, but not this one. I searched the world for a reliable, lightweight plb. Importantly I needed to carry it with me so that it didn't inference with my adventures and at the same time have it handy and simple to use in case of emergency. As a hiker I've seen others (at the end of their journey) who had to drag/carry themselves with a broken limb or injury for klms to get help, when a simple plb could have saved hours of agony. Not for me! I want to enjoy my hiking, and feel a sense of security knowing I have it. As for those loved ones back home, they are relieved I got one, it stops them worrying about what might happen.

When everything else goes wrong...

By NoPavement on May 26, 2017 I hope I never need this, but, as the corollary to Murphy's Law says, "Nature is a Mother". I love to camp, hike and off-road. I try to be as prepared as possible, but, we've all heard the stories, and seen the movies. Seems a stupidly small price to pay for the extra peace of mind, when everything else goes wrong.

Alaska is a big state

By Rover on May 26, 2017 Being retired, I have the time to roam the wilds of Alaska.All my friends are either hen pecked, or still working.This gives me a feeling of someone knows my where abouts

Our Life Insurance in a leather pouch

By KBB Bushbashers on May 26, 2017 An amazing life saving device that I always carry on me when we are out horse trekking in the bush. It has saved two trekking friends to date who had life threatening injuries from a horse trekking accident. Thank you once again to an amazing device and to ACR, Hutchwilco, the Lowe Walker Rescue Helicopter in Hawkes Bay and Rescue Coordination Centre Maritime NZ. A wonderful service 10/10

Hope I never Use this

By Waukegan Boadt on April 27, 2017 I hope I never have to use this...but if I do it makes me feel a lot safer on the water. Why did I purchase? Last year while jet skiing about 2 miles from shore in Lake Michigan I lost site of my riding partner. He had been thrown off his jet ski and I could not find him. He had a life jacket on but no beacon or radio. The US Coast Guard searched for over 2 hours and thanks to a sail boat who knew the coordinates of where they and seen us they eventually found him...floating in the water for over two hours. It was a horrible feeling not being able to locate him and this beacon helps give me comfort that if something like that happens again the rider will have a better chance of survival. Thank you for a product I hope never to use.

Peace of Mind - for me an my wife

By Outdoor Guy on April 27, 2017 I'm retiring at 55, most of my friends are still working. This leaves me time to hike alone, fish alone, mountain bike alone. This PLB, unless I am knocked out, gives me a chance if I am injured while doing any of these activities.

ResQLink + PLB

By CW66 on April 27, 2017 4 stars since I haven't tried it yet, but I like the idea of having it in my Ditch Bag or Life Vest Pocket.

A must have!

By Pierre on March 23, 2017 Best of the best. Totally worth it.

A Great Addition To Your Survival Kit

By SAR.Pilot on March 23, 2017 These PLBs are a must have for the avid adventurer. I recreate year around in the NW and I never leave home without it. Solid construction, waterproof and no annual subscription. Of course, adding the PLB to my pack or pocket is not a substitute for poor planning. It stows next to a fire source, light source, additional food and clothing. It is also not a substitute for filing a proper itinerary with friends or family. When I am at work, I fly a Search and Rescue Helicopter in NW Montana. PLBs make my job a lot easier and greatly reduce the time you'll spend in a crummy situation. Add one to your survival kit! Get after it and stay safe!

An Absolute Must Have

By JD on March 14, 2017 Since I have had not had the opportunity to test this product as of yet in a real life situation I cannot fairly rate any stars to the product. With that said, in September 2016 I was on a backpacking trip in Arizona and my knee blew out. Got myself as far as I could go until I was stranded on the top of hill since I was unable to scramble to the river below. Nine miles from the finish line and I was able to go no more. Fortunately for me, four other members of our group forged forward and was able to get a cell signal to dial 911. Afterwards, I took a wilderness first aid course so if I am in this situation again I now know how to dress my wound myself (as no one in my group was wilderness first aid certified). I also felt it important to be completely prepared next time. Hope I never have to use it, but if I do at least I now know I am locatable without a cell signal.

Flying, safety first

By Flyboy on March 14, 2017 I fly over a lot of very rough terrain in the backcountry of WA, ID, OR,, CA, MT, WY, NV, and CO..if I was to have an engine problem and go down in an undesirable area, I want to be sure that help will be on the way as soon as I activate my PLB.

Fishing alone

By Ike on March 14, 2017 I commercial fish alone from a 21 CC and wanted the added safety of this device. I am giving it 4 stars because I have not used it yet, and hopefully won't have to....!

Safety and Peace of Mind

By Bill Aubrey on March 14, 2017 I've been looking at these for a while. I'm 68, have a heart condition and love to float rivers, fly fish and do mild hikes in Montana, Idaho and Washington. This will help a lot.

Cheaper than a coffin

By Danny on March 14, 2017 Sold my nephew my jetski, peace of mind for his safety I brought him a PLB, did the same for my son inlaw, cheaper than a coffin

Accidents always happen to someone else?

By George on March 14, 2017 Solo backpacking and sea kayaking, what could possibly go wrong.? I have been keeping an eye on PLB's for a number of years and now the price is very reasonable. As a designer of electronic equipment I am impressed with ACR's attention to detail and small size. Hope it never gets used but s--- happens.


By NOHANDSDAN on January 5, 2017 I hike alone and learned of this device on You tube. I found that many hikers carry it when hiking alone. It makes perfect sense. If you're really screwed up and conscious, it beats yelling for help until you die. Price doesn't matter. What's your life worth?


By JOHNNY LUGGNUTS on January 5, 2017 Bought this unit as I go fishing off shore in the pacific northwest sometimes as much as 40 to 50 miles off shore for Tuna. With just a 25' boat I just fee more comfortable having this on board. I hope I never need it but its a great back up for the VHF radio if I am too far out or no one can receive my radio signal.

help quick

By billj on December 28, 2016 My wife and I bush walk and 4wd in Australia. We have a satellite phone for communication beyond normal cell phone range. We were looking for something that was easy to use to attract attention in a serious situation and our research led us to the conclusion that this was the way to go.

Small and easy to use

By bnslake on December 27, 2016 Just received it from the GPS Store Inc and love the size and price as there was a $50 rebate with it. I have had other ACR plb's but this one is a lot smaller and lighter. The batteries on the other units need replacing saw this one and with the rebate the difference in price was minimal.

Piece of Mind. Hope to never have to use it.

By Li on November 21, 2016 The PLB is well build, and is relatively compact (about same size as my handheld GPS.) Will bring it with me when I'm exploring national parks and remote areas.

I don't know why I waited so long to get one!

By JamieK on November 21, 2016 I am an avid hunter and fisherman. Every year I head out as prepared as possible, but only with items that I can use to save myself. I've always wondered what I would do if I couldn't save myself. I know I have always held back a little, stayed close to familiar areas, didn't stray far from the roads/shore. Now I feel comfortable going farther and deeper into the outdoors.

An insurance policy

By GP on November 14, 2016 Just bought a boat and gonna head out to the Gulf of Mexico from Padre Island, Tx. Need this safety device to keep everyone on board calm and relaxed knowing that a rescue will come in case of an emergency. I gave it a 4 cuz I haven't used it and I hope I never will.

Why purchased

By RobbieG on November 14, 2016 Replaced existing McMurdo PBL with ResQLink+ as we do a lot of remote bush walking where mobile coverage is non existent. Like the idea of floatable as we also do some canoeing. Hope I never have to use it.

Finally replacing my original ACR!

By Solo_Hiker on November 14, 2016 I carried a PLB-200 for 8 years, and it's a heavy sucker! But as a solo hiker and camper, I *never* went without it, regardless of the weight. I strapped it to my belt so that it was always on me, even when I removed my backpack. When it came time to replace the battery, though, I knew it was time to upgrade to something lighter, and this is it! I have never regretted buying my ACR, and am extremely happy to buy another.

Always safe and never sorry

By #RockStarSRQ on August 26, 2016 We are often running offshore to catch that big fish. Gulf waters is a majority of our run. Few trips to the Bahamas and Key West. This is one more great tool to keep in a ditch bag for ease of mind. Keep my crew safe and as we all owe that to our friends and family. #RockStarSRQ

Seems to be a straightforward and well-built product

By AnonymousPlease on August 26, 2016 I just bought this after a walker in a seaside forest I visit 2-3 times a month drowned while walking her dog on her own. That jolted me a little, not so much because I am concerned about myself, but because I do not want to be in a situation in which I encounter somebody needing emergency care and not be able to help. I live in Scotland and even near some towns the mobile phone coverage is a little spotty due to the geography. I had been relying on my mobile phone (and the Uepaa! peer-to-peer app), but the ResQ+ just makes much more sense. I hope I never have to use it. My only concern is that the UK postal service is paranoid about taking packages with batteries. It'd be nice to be able to remove the batteries before sending the device back for refurbishment. I suppose when the time comes I'll just call the UK service centre to ask for advice.

Standard Coast Guard Issue

By Brian E. on August 26, 2016 There is a reason why theses are standard issue for the U.S. Coast Guard. As a crewmen & EMT on a patrol boat, I trust my life to the ResQLink+. I also purchased one for personal recreational use while off duty.

Silly to Wait this long to purchase

By Matt on July 13, 2016 After hearing the stories of the two teenage boys who lost their lives last summer fishing out of Jupiter Inlet and three more people in early 2016 it seems silly to wait any longer to purchase a PLB. Both of these stories may have ended very differently if someone would have had a PLB. All of us who fish offshore spend more money on gear and tackle every year to enjoy our hobby than what one of these PLBs cost. It just makes no sense to keep going without one. I hope and pray that I never use my PLB but I feel much safer having it attached to me belt when I am out fishing.

Hope that I never have to use this PLB

By Calusa on July 13, 2016 I frequently fish offshore in the Gulf of Mexico beyond VHF to shore range. Although I have an Epirb and a Sat. Phone in my boat ditch bag I have purchased this PLB as a backup in the event that an untoward event takes place quickly enough to separate me from my life raft and ditch bag. This baby is going to be in my pocket. I am lucky enough to have buddies who take me offshore on their boats as well, and my plan is to have this PLB with me even when I am on someone else’s boat. Several days ago I watched an on line video posted by 4 individuals whose boat capsized off Charleston SC. A Coast Guard helicopter and a Good Sam Sportfish were on scene in minutes. This was the PLB that the crew were holding onto. That closed the deal for me. BTW I also liked getting a $50 rebate. Hope I never have to use this unit, but if I do, it’s with me.

Yep you never know for sure when the worst disasters may strike but it is good to be prepared!!!

By Rob on June 23, 2016 Have been a Kiwi tramper = "backpacker" or "hiker"/"trekker" :) for many years but especially way back in the 1970s and even did some mountaineering way back then!.... but I have also come to enjoy a bit of other out door activity on the land like mountain biking and doing cycle trails. I won't let age stop me but can definitely see the bonus side now of having a good and not too expensive PLB with me even if driving a 4 wheel drive in back-country areas! Hope I never need to activate it but nice to know I have it as back up for significant hazardous situations / disasters that might involve me or family members accompanying me or others that I happen across when out in the wop-wops (i.e. the backblocks; the back of beyond!) or if I go out fishing in my eldest son's boat! I'm happy with the info about & specifications of the ResQLink+ and got it for a good deal price as we head into winter.

Should Have Got It Sooner

By Bruce on June 23, 2016 The cost has come down and there is no annual plan to purchase. The unit is well made and light weight, well worth the few ounces of carry for the assurance provided. After reviewing the various back country emergency notification and location options this looks like the most reliable protocol. Registration after receipt is important for efficient and effective search and rescue response. This is an important addition to a survival kit.

Back country aviation

By Andy on June 23, 2016 I fly my airplane in the Idaho back country mountains and canyons. While I have a 406/121.5 MHz ELT in the airplane, it isn't connected to my GPS or portable enough for me to carry it out of the airplane. I also have a SPOT Messenger with 10-minute tracking and SAR subscriptions. I bought the ACR ResQLink+ PLB because it sends the GPS location directly to the COSPAS/SARSAT satellites and doesn't rely on an intermediate SAR service like the SPOT. Back country aviators recommended that I carry both the PLB and the SPOT to improve my chances and the speed of location and rescue. The SPOT is great for letting my family know where I am and that I'm okay. The ResQLink+ is perfect for quickly and accurately notifying SAR of my location in an emergency.

Hope I never need it, but I'm glad I do

By Rostan on June 13, 2016 The price of PLB's has come way down, as has the size. We fish in the middle of lake superior, so this is good piece of mind, should something horrible ever happen.

You Never Know....

By CaptMikeGarr on June 13, 2016 I do a fair amount of boating in a modest sized "pleasurecraft." At this time, my boat is a 23 foot pontoon boat that I currently run on the Harris Chain of Lakes in Central Florida. They are a series of mid to large sized inland lakes that are connected by a series of canals and waterways. We do have Sea Tow on the lakes and their boats do a great job of covering the waters. We have some patrolling by the FWC, but not a great deal and sometimes we have local law enforcement boats on the lakes as well, but their coverage can be spotty and it seems that quite often when I take the boat out, none of those potential rescue services are immediately available. Even though these are inland lakes, from the "bottom" of the lakes to the top of the Chain, they can cover some pretty good ground----well over 20 to 30 miles with many thousands of acres of water and miles of shore line. While I do hope that I NEVER have to activate my ResQLink+ PLB unit, things can happen out on anybody of water, something that can happen and take place over the course of a few minutes--one second all can be well weatherwise, mechanically or the soundness of the boat----the next all hell can break loose and you are in the water with your boat having gone down. I want to be prepared for such an unlikely eventuality--I do tend to run the boat solo, later in the day during the winter season and such. I carry a handheld marine VHF Radio, but that is really worthless because it seems that no one uses or monitors them on these lakes. Cell phones are great for communication in most cases, but it is often the case that they also fail. I also go out kayaking as well in places like the Crystal River, and Homosassa Springs and places inland here in Central Florida. The unit I bought is designed for use in situations other than boating. I also like to hike on the many trails we have here in this area as well--once again--cell service should be available but in some places like out in the more remote areas of the Ocala National Forest--cell service is spotty. Very soon I will be moving the boat over to run the St. John's River and in the near future--it is my intention to take the boat on a trip from Sanford up to Jacksonville and back. I decided that based on the things I do, since their is technology available to summon help in dire circumstances, I might as well avail myself of that tech for the modest cost to potentially help save my life or those of others, because you just don't ever know....best to have it and never need to use such a device rather than have a situation that does come up at some point and you do not have such a unit as this ready at hand.

Just Purchased for safety

By GoatLight on June 9, 2016 Safety first. Getting older and thought it best to have this for a back up in case of a back country accident. Talked to many folks that use the SPOT and others. They highly recommended the ResQLink+.

Cheap Insurance

By Brasshopper on June 9, 2016 The device is easy to use. I had serious trouble registering at the NOAA website but the rest was easy. All done now. Years ago, I used to some diving off of the coast of West Palm Beach where currents could sweep you away. I bought a waterproof EPIRB, I thought if I lost the boat I could use it. Carried it on 40 or 50 dives and never needed it, of course. Recently, two teenagers were lost on the coast in a small boat. I plan on doing a little bit of sailing in the open ocean, and my wife says, "It worries me every time you go out." What if rescue people couldn't find you? I mentioned that there were devices that were under $500 that would have allowed the Coast Guard to respond and find them, very quickly. This led to a discussion, we looked online and, well, there was no question that I was getting one. These PLBs are so far ahead of the old EPIRBs that it rocks. GPS in the rescue request, devices registered by name so that they can make a call and verify that you are out. $50/year is cheap insurance. Having a device like this allows you to have someone on shore track you against your sail plan and report if you don't check in. It has so many advantages over the older style devices it is not funny.

Offshore Fishing

By Corey on May 13, 2016 Anyone who takes others Offshore has a responsibility for doing so as safely as possible. I purchased this product for that reason as well as my own safety in case my other means of rescue ( VHF, satellite phone) fail and I and my friends are in eminent danger. Preparation is the key to survival.


By Christopher LaRoche on May 5, 2016 You cannot put a price on your life, I feel this is the best purchase I have made in sometime. I hopefully never have to use it.

great customer service

By dave massey on May 4, 2016 sales person Stephen G. Lyons was very informative and spent time asking all the questions that allowed him to recommend the right product for me I rate the service excellent!!!!

PLB-375 Rescue in the news

By DavCo on May 4, 2016 I saw a news report of a small boat that sunk off Hawaii in rough water. The boat went down quick and one of the teenagers on board had this device. The Coast Guard gave credit cool heads, and this device. It is small simple and easy to use.

Buy Immediately

By JT_Whirlybird on April 27, 2016 I have had this for a couple years now. I have been involved with Search and Rescue for six years, and flying helicopters for four. I spent a lot of time researching and saving for this PLB until I recieved it as a gift (I was broke back then). Best thing ever. As a rescuer myself, I have found myself in some remote areas. It's great knowing that if something does happen, be it while hiking or flying, I have a back up. I'm glad that it is a plus model as I have very recently bought a kayak and can clip it on my vest and go. It's expensive, but something you'll never want to be without again.

Never leave home without it.

By Diesel Bill on April 27, 2016 My new Resqlink arrived today. Very nice compact unit. Half the size of my older model. I'll be bringing a 45 foot sailboat north to Ca. from La Paz, Baja Ca. Sur. in a month or so. I have depended on ACR electronics since the late 70s as reliable life insurance on my sailboats. To those who say it's to expensive I say what's your life worth if not a few hundred bucks. If you go off shore without one of these little life savers you are nuts.

Best PLB Option

By BBinMI on April 19, 2016 Primarily, I fish alone in areas that don't have cell-phone coverage. Originally picked the "other brand". It had a lot of extra bells and whistles that I really didn't intend to ever need/use. Returned it when I learned that there was a yearly subscription fee that would have tripled the unit in my expected years of use of it. Got the the ResQLink+. Didn't need all the extras; just something for quick, positive, emergency rescue anywhere. The size is phenomenal. Battery life matches my initial expected years of use. Rather be safe than sorry for my family. Cost was a little higher than what I anticipated for my needs. But, hey, isn't everything higher cost these days?

test worked great with 406link.com

By dansly1980 on April 19, 2016 I only ran the free test through the 406link.com and it worked great. I now have confidence this product will work great out in the ocean.

Very Compact

By TheLungMD on April 19, 2016 Nice and compact unit. Much smaller than my previous. Easily fits into the pocket. Comes with a nice velcro strap that will make for versatile securing if deployed. Floats! No excuse not to have this on my person when boating. Hope it never gets used, but better to have it than not.


By FISHER on April 19, 2016 This is an essential item you should own if you go offshore fishing. Something you hope to not ever have to use but are thankful you spent a couple of hundred dollars to save your life.

New Purchase

By Ian on April 11, 2016 Just purchased this, we are working our way through the great walks of NZ and various other ones around home, sadly I have developed a minor heart issue that should have no effect on walking but - just in case.... Also where we have been around NZ, it is pretty isolated and rough, no cellphone coverage and often rescue access is helicopter , we have not needed it yet but it has come close. I hope I never have to use it but I will now carry it just in case.


By Sail4Sanity on March 28, 2016 I purchased the ResQLink+ so I can have it during my offshore sails for PTSD awareness, for 9/11 First Responders and Military Veterans.

Perfect for Backpacking

By E D on March 28, 2016 I bought this because I like to go on remote fishing trips on lakes and in the ocean. I also like to go back country backpacking. These excursions make my wife nervous, and that has become prohibitive at times, especially after there is a news story about some fisherman drowning at sea or backpacker getting lost. I ordered the ResQLink+ because it got great reviews online. When it arrived I was really happy with it because it is small and lightweight -- similar to a cell phone. The wife is happy and I'm planning for my next trip to the middle of nowhere.

PLB Beacon

By Bampfree on March 21, 2016 Having Broken a Knee whilst tramping in NZ without any beacon to hand, not a good experience. This was recommended to me by experienced trampers who use these in NZ, hope i won't need it?

Backcountry and offshore peace of mind

By PCJim on March 21, 2016 I purchased the ResQLink+ right after Christmas. I wanted some additional backup to the cell phone and VHF in the event I encountered trouble while fishing in southern Florida. The size of the unit was a definite factor as it is small and light enough to not be an inconvenience to carry on my person. Whether offshore or deep in the Everglades backcountry, I now know that should "that event" ever occur, I have a device with me that (if I am able) can alert SAR and hopefully help me out of a bad predicament.


By A. Avello on March 14, 2016 I was hit by a cargo ship while swordfishing and spend 24 hours wishing that I had this product!

Plb plus

By Bobby on March 14, 2016 I purchased this personal locating device for a peace of mind. Knowing I have a location device in case of a emergency makes our boating less stressful.

You can never have too much insurance

By M. Linn on February 29, 2016 The purchase experience with GPS Central was great. I did lots of online research prior to purchase. I liked the fact that I do not require an additional subscriptions to use this product. I liked the fact it uses military satellites and not those designed and launched by mfg. I hope I never have to use this but it is nice to have the unique feature that if I do use it, it will be replace with a new on by acrartex. So it has been a great experience.

Safety comes first

By dualhelms on February 15, 2016 Like most reviewers....hope I never have to use it...always better to be prepared when fishing offshore



Just In Case

By BaldBeardedFishing on January 8, 2016 Purchased for peace of mind while pushing out offshore for fishing outside of cell and VHF range. As retired military aircrew, we were trained in survival and recovery ops on land and sea. Always better to be prepared and not need it. Price point pinches a little bit but worth it if ever used.

ResQLink +

By Johnny on December 22, 2015 A small price to pay for anyone who ventures off the beaten path. Knowing help is possible in a life threatening situation gives peace of mind to my family while I venture out alone in wilderness. This is my second ResQLink after having destroyed my first one. I won't leave home without it.


By Ouzel on November 13, 2015 Having experienced a remote emergency helicopter evacuation, and the confusion surrounding conveying my location to Search and Rescue, I decided it was time to get a personal locator beacon. This is the no-nonsense essential beacon that best suites my needs with hope that I never need to use it....

Hope I don't need it, no substitute if I do...

By M Glenn on October 22, 2015 Got this because it was highly recommended by the guy I bought my boat from. I'm retired military (Army) and reasonably well-read, so I recognized the usefulness/utility of having a locator beacon. It's the kind of thing you hope never to have to use-- but you know if you get into a situation where you do need it, there will be NO substitute for having one. ACR has a good reputation-- I'm willing to trust that their device will work if/when I need it to. It's a must-have part of my boating safety kit.

Hope I don't need it, no substitute if I do...

By M Glenn on October 22, 2015 Got this because it was highly recommended by the guy I bought my boat from. I'm retired military (Army) and reasonably well-read, so I recognized the usefulness/utility of having a locator beacon. It's the kind of thing you hope never to have to use-- but you know if you get into a situation where you do need it, there will be NO substitute for having one. ACR has a good reputation-- I'm willing to trust that their device will work if/when I need it to. It's a must-have part of my boating safety kit.

For Paramotoring

By Noah Rasheta on October 22, 2015 I want to have peace of mind while flying around the mountains on my paramotor. I hope I never need to use it, but if I do, I'll be glad I have it with me on every flight I take!

ResQLink PLB+

By Secondwind on September 16, 2015 Bought this simple, straight forward PLB after searching through literature on the more complicated SEND units. Not interested in email and all, just locate me save me if I'm lost!

For Peace of Mind Diving off the Keys

By Veta59 on September 16, 2015 My husband and I agree with a previous post. We can't stop thinking that if those two little boys would have had one of these with them, the outcome would have been so different. We bought two and bought canisters to put them in so they can be on us at all times, especially while we are diving. It is usually just the two of us and we tie off to mooring balls. My husband is extra careful since we are both off the boat at the same time. We have always worried about what we would do if we came up and the boat wasn't there. We have whistles, safety sausages, marine radios, etc. but this is another step we felt we should take in the event if an emergency. We are 60 and in excellent health but if something happened to either one of us out there it really is a relief to know that if all else fails we have a dependable last resort.


By Dave on September 16, 2015 It is kind of hard to write a review for something that you can try until you need it. Kind of like opening a door to a car that isn't where you are. lol. Anyways, I bought this for two reason, I am a solo hiker and if I should find myself hiking with Mr. Murphy and he pitches a fit, I want to be able to unpitch it. I have heard and don a lot of research on these and feel this is the best bang for my buck. The other reason is I decided to upgrade my Navy Issued Float Coat so that if Mr. Murphy comes along for the ride and sinks the boat I am on, I hope to not be left swimming with the sharks for a long period of time. I don't like swimming with critters that have teeth sharper than mine. I hope I never will have to use it, but I am glad that it is in my kit if I need it. There are far too many places where cell phones are useless.


By Kip on September 4, 2015 I've carried 3 different generations ACR PLBs for the past 12 years while crewing on ocean racing sailboats, day-sailing, kayaking, and backpacking with the Boy Scouts, and never thought I would need it. When I replaced the PLB every 5 years, each new PLB was smaller and better than the last. When hiking with the Boy Scouts last month at 10,000 feet in Sequoia National Park, a 15 year old Scout developed mild High Altitude Pulmonary Edema and needed a helicopter medical evacuation. I needed it! The PLB worked perfectly and directly contributed to a quick, safe, and smooth rescue, and full recovery of the Scout. Well done ACR for the design and functionality of the PLB, and thanks for the wonderful "ACR 406 Survivor Club" that replaced the used PLB! I'll carry the new one everywhere!


By Dan on August 17, 2015 I hope I never have to use this but got it as another layer of safety while my wife and I fish offshore. Sometimes 25 miles out. The unit seems straight forward and easy to use which is important in an emergency.

Absolute Peace of Mind

By Greg on August 13, 2015 When those 14 year old boys went missing out of Jupiter Inlet, right then and there I decided it was time to get one..I sure feel a lot more confident going out with my wife and 2 young boys..


By KIDT on August 6, 2015 I live in Hawaii and purchased this product at the suggestion of a fellow aviator. I wanted peace of mind while flying between the islands. However, I quickly realized the other places I could use this product. I feel so much better knowing wherever I am, I have a greater chance of being found.


By KIDT on August 6, 2015 I live in Hawaii and purchased this product at the suggestion of a fellow aviator. I wanted peace of mind while flying between the islands. However, I quickly realized the other places I could use this product. I feel so much better knowing wherever I am, I have a greater chance of being found.


By Deadliest Catch w/out the crabs on August 6, 2015 Simple and compact. Easy enough to use that my children and wife comprehend the functionality/operation of the unit, so, in an actual emergency that I am rendered useless, they can summon a rescue team. That way, I may live to dive and fish another day!

Piece of Mind

By AH122 on July 28, 2015 It's nice to know in case of emergency you and your family can be rescued. I take mine hiking, camping, ATV, boating, fishing, diving, and on all our family vacations. It's small so it does not take up a lot of room. I'm hoping I never need it, but I'm glad I always have it with me.

When All Else Fails!

By Flashback Dave on July 21, 2015 Having served in the US Merchant Marine for over 20 years I am very familiar with 406 EPIRB Systems and it's reliability around the world. Having responded to deep sea rescues where the threat of fatality is very real. These systems work as designed, and I'm not one to bet my life on too many mechanical devices. But this one right here is a "must have" if in a worse case you want any chance of survivability. I have this on my sailboat, and will also carry it with me in the back country next year when I hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Just wouldn't leave home without it.



Just purchased

By Dave on July 21, 2015 Decided it was time to increase our safety as about to venture into isolated areas in central Australia. Impressed with compact and lightweight features. Hope I never need to use it. Well done ACR producing such a great little unit

Peace of Mind

By Art on July 6, 2015 I am planning a flight from Minnesota to Colorado Springs, Colorado and then to Arizona and return in August of 2015. I will be crossing the Rocky Mountains and wanted the security of a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) in case of an emergency landing. I am also planning a flight to Alaska in the summer of 2017 and once again want the security of a Personal Locator Beacon. I always file with Flight Service both VFR and IFR. I just want the peace of mind knowing I can activate the PLB and let Search and Rescue know my latitude and longitude if I am forced to land in a remote area. I am using a Piper Cherokee PA-28-160 for these flights

Solo Hiker

By Bill on July 1, 2015 New purchase. After years of hiking/tramping on my own my wife nagged me to start carrying one. have been hiring but going abroad soon and local supplier didn't seem 100% sure of action if I set beacon off, so I decided to buy. I have felt happier carrying one, and much to my surprise, they don't get in your way.

Extra Safety

By Arkayem on June 5, 2015 I have been flying small private planes for 40 years, and I have been a Civil Air Patrol Search and Rescue Pilot for 30 years. Recently, I have been worried that one of these days, something is going to happen to my plane and force me down in a remote area. Of course, I always file a flight plan and talk to ATC, but I know from experience that even with all that information, finding the landing site is often extremely difficult. This PLD will go with me in the plane from now on, and I will always hope I never have to use it, but if I do, I know it will lead the searches directly to me and possibly save my life as well as my passengers.


By Papillon on June 5, 2015 Doing a significant amount of single-handed sailing from the Channel Islands to neighbouring countries, I wonder how long before I make that error and end up in the water, probably with the boat receding into the distance. This PLB gives me a sporting chance of surviving.

Peace of Mind

By Jo on April 30, 2015 I just bought this PLB because it is lightweight and can get wet which is just what I need for peace of mind when tramping/camping/kayaking especially when taking teenage groups.


By Phil on April 14, 2015 We had a boat for 15 years and installed an ACR EPIRB on it in 1999. We also bought ACR strobe lights for all the life vests, as well. Fortunately we never had to use any of the safety gear, but we were always impressed with the quality and reliability of ACR products. The beacon was sold with the boat, but when we decided to get a PLB for outdoor activities ACR was the only brand we even considered. The ResQLink is amazingly small, light and well built in typical ACR fashion.




By AVID BOATER on March 5, 2015 It was recommended to me by fellow boaters, and some hikers I know. Of course, I can't tell you how it works because I haven't tried it, but all the reports suggest it will work very well in my area of boating, which is the coastal area of British Columbia, and Washington State. Many areas are not covered by VHF radio or Cell Towers so it can be a very lonely place on the central and northern coast at times.



If you want to be rescued!

By Spadman on January 6, 2015 As a Search & Rescue pilot in Laos I learned that extra radios and extra batteries could make the difference in a successful rescue. My ResQLink+ will be with me on every flight. There is a lot of "pine barren" land in central Virginia and this sort of rescue beacon capability is a necessity.

Piece of mind.

By Bushchick on January 6, 2015 I along with my sisters purchased this for my ageing father who works on the land alone out of mobile range. I liked that you have to put up the antenna before you can activate it otherwise he might forget.

Radio Redundancy for Coastal Cruising

By Liberty Sailor on January 6, 2015 I am planning a two month coastal cruising trip on my sailboat in the summer. Although I also have a Delorme in reach explorer that I can use for satellite communication, I am a Civil Air Patrol SAR member who knows that sometimes GPS can screw up, and nothing is more reliable than a radio beacon. This is a cheap option for someone like me who cannot afford an EPIRB, and gives me peace of mind that if I fall overboard, this will still be attached to my life jacket, and I won't have to worry about it being charged and ready, because it is always ready. Two way communication is nice when organizing a rescue, but it doesn't always work. This should always be your first method of sending an SOS, because it is the most reliable, and if you don't have a dedicated SOS beacon, then you are asking for trouble.

The purchase price is nothing when it all hits the fan!

By Baytown on January 6, 2015 A very well made and laid out unit. It's so compact, there's no reason to not take it with me when I'm either on the water in my Sea Kayak, or trudging alone in the bush. Should I ever be in the situation where I need professional assistance, then I'm able to give the SAR teams the best location data I can with this little unit. Great peace of mind.

Give me some hope

By The Ancient on June 19, 2014 I dodged the "Bullit" once and I spend a lot of time outdoors alone. I needed something that could possibly be a life saver and put me a little more at ease being outdoors. I believe the ResQLink+ PLB will do that. I hope I never have to find out!!

just bought it

By Red Bud on May 8, 2014 I waited for this to come on the market for a few years. After a lot of research I decided to visit REI to see this unit. Its small size and light weight were two big factors why I bought it. Plus I like the idea that PLB is a lot more powerful and faster to obtain help than Spot. I should be able to carry it in my backpack without a problem. My long wait is now over.

Better safe than sorry

By Candle on January 6, 2014 I recently purchased a kayak and kayaked up and down various waterways by myself and enjoying it. I did not realize that my daughter thought I was a little reckless for my age (72). She bought me this ResQLink for Christmas and I registered it dutifully. I trust I will not ever need it on these inland waterways but You'll never know if an alligator is getting to me. It is now a permanent attachment to my life jacket.

Safe with 151 gram!

By happy seal on September 12, 2013 First I preferreed the aqualink view,because it gives a confirmation of the emergencycry; because of less weight and quick Availability I bought the ResQLink+. I hope it gives me peace of mind while I am solo sailing! And I hope I never have to use it.


By DOW on July 8, 2013 After thorough research by both my son and me - youtube, websites, retail stores, friends, etc. - we agreed that while some of the bells and whistles that other products have, i.e., texting, e-mails, course charting, etc., were nice, we wanted the best in class for what was paramount - rescue in case of emergency. We both bought the ResQLink+ (floatation only cost a bit more, so why not?). Registration at NOAA on-line was a breeze, and I can't wait to strap it to my wading outfit when I go back country fly fishing day after tomorrow.

Why I Bought An ACR ResQLink (or... Why I Didn't Buy A SPOT)

By ondafringe on June 25, 2013 I've had my ACR ResQLink for about a year. No issues, thus far, but haven't had to use it in an emergency. Hopefully, I never will but, if I do, I have not doubt it will do what it's supposed to do. I am a hiker but bought the one that floats. I wrote a fairly detailed article covering the reasons I bought an ACR ResQLink and why I didn't buy a SPOT. For those who haven't made up their minds which way to go, you can read my reasoning on my blog: http://ondafringe.wordpress.com/2013/06/22/why-i-bought-a-plb-or-why-i-didnt-buy-a-spot/

Great Price for Aviation

By WingNut on June 11, 2013 VERY happy with my ACR ResQLink+ Buoyant 406 MHz PLB. It was a great price (puchased on iBoats.com). I hope to never use it for real, but I make sure to self-test every month as recommended. Also signed up for www.406Link.com and activated the Plus account. This allows me to do self tests and send out messages to myself and emergency contacts telling them the system is working.

It's small, light, bright yellow, and it floats!

By Floater on February 13, 2013 I really appreciate the design of this unit. Most importantly it is a perfect color for visibility in the water, it floats, and it has only two very simple buttons. Those buttons are cleverly hidden under a hinged cover such that they cannot be missed when you need them, but would be really hard to accidentally activate. I feel fortunate to say that I haven't needed to be rescued yet, but have every confidence that this unit will be of tremendous utility if the occasion should present itself. Thanks for making such an affordable and thoughtfully-designed product!

Staying Alive

By Asa Foley from Sacramento via REI.com on January 29, 2013 I have hiked and biked in many places that do not get cell service. I also crawled out two miles after breaking my ankle in six places, it was not fun. I am worried about getting charged for being rescued, but a choice between a big bill and death, I will work it out. This will still not take the place of a well setup pack with med kit, but it sure makes my wife feel allot safer. We also carry it often in the car when we have our five month old because getting 911 to answer is often a joke in Sacramento and in case of an accident or med emergency it will be handy to have. Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

I would buy this product again

By Mike from Fair Lawn, NJ via WestMarine.com on January 29, 2013 Works Great. Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

ACR ResQLink+ Floating PLB, with Built-In GPS

By George Wey from Tampa, FL via Amazon.com on January 29, 2013 I would not rely on the other brands of "locator beacons" like the popular "SPOT" with does not use the standardized 406 MHz Signal. Unlike "SPOT", ACR ResQLink+ does not have all the frills, it is to be used in an emergency only so you are not killing your battery sending "text messages". "SPOT" requires a membership/annual fee so if you forget to pay your SOL! ACR ResQLink+ can be used in any country, "SPOT" is USA only. ACR ResQLink+ has 406MHz @ 5 watts, GPS, and 121 MHz Homing, 3 systems to help Search and Rescue (SAR) locate you faster then any other Personal Locator Beacon. After doing my own research, ACR ResQLink+ is the ONLY type of personal locator beacon I would depend my life on for activities in the wilderness! Update: I started diving with my PLB offshore and have been keeping it clipped to me inside an OTTER BOX 9000 with 4 ultra high 5 min Cyalume Chem Sticks and some other emergency items. In case the charter boat leaves me or I cant find them in an emergency.

ResQLink+ is a great value

By Marty from Fort Myers via Westmarine.com on January 29, 2013 It is small but has a lot of great features. Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


Q: How do I register my beacon?

406 MHz Beacons must be registered with the National Authority of the country you live in.

Step 1.  Visit our Registration database to find the appropriate National Authority

Step 2.  Register with your countries National Authority via Mail, Fax or for the fastest service register online.

Registration in the United States

The national authority that accepts beacon registrations in the United States is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Here are three easy ways to register:

1.) The fastest and easiest way to register is online at www.beaconregistration.noaa.gov .    Recommended method. Verify and validate information before submitting.

2.) Mail the registration form with the pre-addressed, postage paid envelope to:

1315 East West Hwy
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Please print legibly.

3.) Faxing a registration is also acceptable. Fax the registration form to the Fax number on the bottom of the registration form. To reduce the possibility of erroneous entry please verify legibility of information and validate information on form to UIN on beacon before faxing. Please print legibly and in BLACK ink.

All registration forms will be entered in the 406 MHz beacon registration database within 48 hours of receipt. The information you provide on the registration form is used for rescue purposes only.

A confirmation letter, a copy of the actual registration and a proof-of-registration decal will be mailed to you within two weeks. When you receive these documents, please check the information carefully to ensure that the information provided on the label agrees with the information on the beacon and then affix the decal to your beacon in the area marked "BEACON DECAL HERE." If you do not receive confirmation from NOAA in the expected timeframe, or if the information on the label is incorrect call toll free 1-888-212-7283 for assistance.

Registration outside of the United States

In countries other than the United States, 406 MHz beacons are registered with that country's national authority at the time of purchase. The sales agent should have assisted you in filling out the forms and sending them to the country's national authority. Alternatively, visit our Registration database or many countries allow online registration in the International 406MHz Beacon Registration Database (IBRD) at www.406registration.com.

To verify that the unit is properly programmed for your country, view the UIN label on the back of the unit. In the event that the beacon is not programmed for your country, the sales agent (if properly equipped) can reprogram the unit for the correct country.

Q: What are my obligations with regard to registering and re-registering my beacon?

A beacon should be registered at the time of purchase or installation. The registration of a beacon is valid for 2 (two) years. The owner should re-register the beacon every two years.  If change of ownership occurs, the original owner must notify the authorities and de-register the beacon before the new owner can register.

Q: Why is it so important for me to register my beacon?

Registering the EPIRB, ELT or Personal Locator Beacon is required by law in the United States and in most countries.  Registering is very important because should your beacon ever be activated, it is how Search and Rescue Teams will know who you are, and contacts provided may be able to supply information about your specific travel plans. In the absence of this information, it may take longer for a search-and-rescue operation to begin.

Q: I tried to register my beacon but the authorities tell me that it needs a different ID number programmed in. Do I need to send this back to you?

This can be done by any Certified Battery/Service Center.  Please have your registration form and beacon available when contacting a Certified Battery Replacement Center for assistance.

Q: Where do I take/send my unit for battery service?

Visit our Battery / Service Locator. Contact the battery/service station for instructions on how to send the beacon to them. Please contact the BRC for the cost for this service.


Q: How do I know when the battery is due for replacement?

There is a battery expiration date label on every beacon.

Example Image: Battery Replacement Date is 07/2010


Q: Can I buy a battery from you and replace it myself?

No. The battery cannot be purchased. This is a life saving device and you need to have the tools, hardware and software to perform a battery replacement. Full functional testing is done on the unit, after the battery is replaced, to make sure that the unit will last another 5 years in the field.  The battery of any EPIRB, ELT or Personal Locator Beacon needs to be replaced by an ACR/Artex Certified Battery Replacement Center (BRC), where trained technicians will perform this service.

Q: What will happen if I do not replace the battery every five years?

The chances of surviving a life threatening situation is greatly diminished if proper care and maintenance is not given to a beacon.

Q: Do I have to replace the battery if the beacon goes off by mistake and why?

Yes, as this is a lifesaving device it should be diligently maintained to perform as specified. For this unit to transmit for the full 24 hours it will need a new battery as any inadvertent activation will deplete the existing battery.

Q: Where do I dispose of a beacon battery?

For information about disposal of lithium batteries or products with lithium batteries in them, please contact your local waste management company.

Q: Is there any special instruction for shipping a battery or a unit with the battery in it?

There may be, depending on the beacon that you have. Due to transportation regulations changes, some ACR & Artex products that contain lithium batteries may need to be shipped as Hazmat. Please visit the product page for your product and review the download tab for the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Q: Is there a local service center where I can get my beacon serviced?

Find a battery/service center here.

Q: How do I know the beacon is working?

Perform a monthly self-test. If the test passes, the beacon is working. If self- test does not pass, take/send the beacon in for service.  If you want to know that your beacon signal is reaching the satellite system and your signal is being received back down to earth please check out our advanced testing service called 406Link.com.

Q: How often should I carry out a Self Test?

The beacon owners' manual usually recommends the frequency of these tests; typical advice is once a month and/or before extended trips.  

Advanced Satellite Testing can be performed using our new service called 406Link.com

Q: What is a GPS Self Test?

Newer GPS (sometimes referred to as GNSS) equipped beacons may also include an optional GPS Satellite Acquisition Self Test (not all GPS beacons have this ability), which tests the operation of the GPS Receiver and its ability to encode your location into the transmitted distress message. It is not uncommon for this test to only be permitted to be performed once or twice over the life of the battery (e.g. every couple of years), as this type of test can significantly reduce the battery life of the beacon.  For beacons installed in commercial craft there are often regulatory requirements that define how often these tests should be performed.    

GPS Testing with 406Link.com

Current ACR GlobalFix EPIRBs and older Model Personal Locator Beacons (AeroFix, TerraFix, AquaFix, MicroFix, ResQFix) have the ability to perform a GPS Test, however this GPS Test is not transmitted to the satellites, so if you have an account with 406Link.com your GPS Coordinates will not appear.

New ACR Personal Locator Beacons including the AquaLink and SARLink models can perform GPS Self Tests that will actually transmit to your GPS Coordinates to the satellites and with 406Link.com pin point your location onto a map.   These tests are limited to 12 Tests for the PLB-350B Model over the 5 year life of the battery and 60 Tests for the PLB-350C.                                    

Q: What should I do if I get a Self Test failure?

If you get a Self Test failure, first check the instructions in the user manual supplied with your Beacon, make sure you carried out the test correctly and that you have followed any instructions provided.  If you are sure your Beacon failed the self test then you should contact the beacon manufacturer or one of their appointed service agents for further advice and instructions.

Q: Are there any Beacons that I can't test Through the Satellites?

Yes, in particular some older models of Beacons do not transmit a 406 MHz burst, so they cannot be tested in this way. In addition some current other manufacturers models of Beacon incorporate features (e.g. a rolled up one time only use antenna) that reduce their radiated power output during a Self Test and therefore these beacons do  not transmit a signal that is strong enough to reach the satellites.

Learn more at 406Link.com

Q: How does the GPS Self Test feature work?

A lot of beacons on the market have the capability to do a GPS test, in which the beacon turns the GPS engine on, acquires GPS data and flashes a light to signify the test is completed.  

New Personal Locator beacon models from ACR have the ability to transmit this GPS location in a self test burst and pin point your exact location on a map using 406Link.com to ensure you that (1) your beacon is working perfectly and can reach the satellite system and (2) that your GPS is working perfectly.

Q: How many Self Tests and GPS Test can I perform?

406 MHz beacons (Manufactured in 2010 or later) can perform 420 self tests over the 5 year life of the battery. The PLB-350C (Models: AquaLink View and SARLink View) can also perform 60 GPS Self Tests over the 5 year life of the battery. The PLB-350B (Models: AquaLink and SARLink) is limited to 12 GPS Self Tests over the 5 year life of the battery.

ACR beacons (Manufactured prior to 2010) can perform 340 self tests over the 5 year life of the battery. If you have a beacon from a manufacturer other than ACR, please refer to your beacon owner's manual or contact your beacon manufacturer for the number of budgeted self tests your beacon can perform over the 5 year life of the battery.   

Learn more about advanced satellite testing through the satellite system at 406Link.com    

Q: What do PLBs do?

Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) are distress radio beacons which transmit location information about individuals directly to Search and Rescue forces letting them know that the owner is in grave and imminent danger.

Q: Where can I purchase a beacon?

Visit our Where To Buy dealer locator

Q: Can 406 MHz beacons be used anywhere in the world?

Yes, 406 MHz beacons can be used anywhere in the world, including the Poles.

Q: Is there a subscription fee for beacon registration or rescue service?

Beacon registration is free, should you ever have to activate your beacon, rescue is free in most parts of the world.

Q: When do you use a Beacon?

Most Search-and-Rescue (SAR) organizations instruct that beacons are satellite signaling devices of last resort, for use when all other means of self-rescue have been exhausted, where the situation is grave with imminent danger and the loss of life, limb, eyesight or valuable property will occur without assistance.

Q: Do I need a radio license?

For the latest information, in the United States you may contact the Federal Communication Commission at toll-free 1-888-CALLFCC or visit the website of the FCC.  Outside of the United States, contact your local authority for the requirements.


Q: What is a UIN and where do I find it on the beacon so I can register my beacon?

A UIN is a Unique Identifier Number that is programmed into each beacon at the factory. The UIN number consists of 15 digit series of letters and numbers that make up the unique identity of the beacon. The UIN is on a white label on the exterior of the beacon. The UIN is also referred to as the Hex ID.


Q: Is it true that certain emergency beacons no longer work?

The 121.5MHz and 243 MHz beacons are no longer satellite detectable. The beacons may still function but the emergency satellite system will no longer detect the emergency signals from these frequencies. Please read the explanation of the phase out of the 121.5/243 MHz frequency from Cospas-Sarsat at http://www.sarsat.noaa.gov/phaseout.html.

If you have a 121.5 MHz or 243 MHz beacon, you should upgrade to a new 406 MHz beacon.

Q: Can I take my beacon with me on an aircraft?

You may wish to check with the airline about any restrictions or documentation that you may need to carry with the unit.   We suggest that you print a copy of the MSDS and bring it with you. We also recommend that you carry the Product Support Manual to explain what the unit is (MSDS sheets and Manuals can be found on the product web page).

Q: What happens if I set off a false alert by mistake?

Don't panic, as long as it was a genuine mistake and not deliberate you have nothing to worry about, however you must turn off your Beacon and contact the emergency services as quickly as possible to let them know your transmissions are a False Alert.

Deliberate misuse or not notifying the proper authority may incur a severe penalty.   When you call be prepared to provide the following information: 

The beacon Unique Identifier Number (UIN) (15 Hex ID printed on the beacon),

  1. Date
  2. Time and duration of the false alert
  3. Location of the beacon at the time of the false alert
  4. Cause of the false alert

The primary contact point in the United States for the notification of False Alerts is the United States Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (USAFRCC) the telephone number is 1-800-851-3051. However if you have an EPIRB you can contact the United States Coast Guard (USCG) in the following areas: Atlantic Ocean / Gulf of Mexico USCG Atlantic Area Command Center Tel: (757)398-6390 Pacific Ocean Area / USCG Area Command Center Tel: (510) 437-3700 USCG HQ Command Center Tel: (800) 323-7233. If you have an ELT as well as contacting the USAFRCC you might also want to contact your local Flight Service Station (FSS) on 1-800-WXBRIEF  (1-800-992-7433).    

Q: Whats the difference between the AquaLink models and the SARLink Models?

The quick answer is flotation.

The AquaLink and AquaLink View Personal Locator Beacons are buoyant so you can retrieve them should you ever accidentally drop them in the ocean, lake or in a river.

The SARLink and SARLink View Personal Locator Beacons have a slimmed down back case to make them slightly smaller but these models will not float.

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