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GPS-Integrated Personal Locator Beacon

Model Number: PLB-375 / Part Number: 2880

Small and mighty, the ResQLink™ Personal Locator Beacon (or PLB) is a full-powered, GPS-enabled rescue beacon designed for anglers, pilots and backcountry adventurers.

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At 4.6 oz, the ResQLink distress beacon weighs less than a couple of energy bars. And topping just 3.9 inches, it's smaller than the cell phone in your pocket. Small and mighty, the ResQLink™ PLB is a full-powered, GPS-enabled rescue beacon designed for anglers, pilots and back country sportsmen. 

With three levels of integrated signal technology - GPS positioning, a powerful 406 MHz signal, and 121.5 MHz homing capability - the ResQLink PLB quickly and accurately relays your position to a worldwide network of search and rescue satellites. A built-in strobe light provides visibility during night rescues.

Learn How A Rescue Works

PLBs have been proven tried and true in some of the world's most remote locations and treacherous conditions. Just ask the 400 or so pilots, boaters and back country explorers who were saved by a PLB during a rigorous test program in Alaska. Based in large part on the test results, the federal government approved use of PLBs in the United States in 2003.

Even in extreme conditions and situations, the ResQLink™ activates easily. Just deploy the antenna and press the ON button. With its powerful 66-channel GPS, the ResQLink™ guides rescuers to within 100 meters or less of your position. And, in the continental U.S., search and rescue personnel are typically alerted of your position in as little as five minutes with a GPS-enabled PLB such as the ResQLink™.

Two built-in tests allow you to routinely verify that the ResQLink™ is functioning and ready for use - with the push of a button, you can easily test internal electronics and GPS functionality.

  • No Subscription Fees
  • Super Bright LED Strobe
  • Onboard 66-Channel GPS
  • Self-Test and GPS Test Features
  • Typical Performance 30 Hours
  • Non-Hazmat Battery
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • If you use it...we'll replace it, Free of Charge.  Simply submit your story, send us back your used beacon so we can have it mounted on our Wall of Fame and we'll send you a brand new beacon of equal or greater value.

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Product Number 2880
Model Number PLB-375
Size 1.3 x 1.9 x 3.9” (3.3 x 4.8 x 9.9 cm)
Weight 4.6 oz (130 g)
Battery, Class Class 2 (non-hazmat) lithium batteries
Battery, Replacement Interval Replacement due six (6) years from date of manufacture or after emergency use
Battery, Operational Life Exceeds required 24 Hours @ -4°F (-20°C)
Battery, Storage -40°F to + 158°F (-40°C to +70°C)
Material High Impact UV Resistant Plastic
Color ACR-treuse™ (high visibility yellow)
Activation Manual
Operation 2 steps: deploy antenna, press ON button, giving clear view of sky
Waterproof 16.40 ft (5 m) @ 1 hr., 33 ft (10 m) @ 10 min. Factory tested @ 70°F, exceeds RTCM waterproof requirements
Accessories Optional Flotation Pouch P/N 9521
Approvals Cospas-Sarsat, FCC, Canada, R&TTE, Australia, New Zealand.
Limited Warranty 5 years
Lead Free Yes
406Link.com 220 self tests/12 GPS tests
Battery, Typical Performance 30 Hours @-4°F (-20°C)
Radiated Power 5W (406 MHz), 50 mW +/-3dB (121.5 MHz)


Warranty Length: 5 years

This product is warranted against factory defect in material and workmanship for a period of 5 (five)* years from date of purchase or receipt as a gift. During the warranty period ACR Electronics, Inc. will repair or at its option, replace at no cost to you for labor, materials or return transportation.

For further assistance, please contact our Technical Service Department at :

ACR Electronics, Inc.
5757 Ravenswood Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312-6645.

Email: service@acrelectronics.com, Fax: +1 (954) 983-5087, Telephone: +1 (954) 981- 3333.

This warranty does not apply if the product has been damaged by accident or misuse, or as a result of service or modification by other than the manufacturer.  The COMPANY MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ANY OTHER MATTER WITH RESPECT TO THIS PRODUCT, except as otherwise expressly stated in the previous paragraph. The Company shall not be liable for consequential or special damages. In order to place the warranty in effect, choose a form above and complete it entirely. Or you may fill out the registration card accompanying your product (if applicable) which must be returned to ACR Electronics, Inc. within ten days of purchase.

*Five Years for the following products:  EPIRB, PLB ,  S-VDR,  SSAS. 

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Lone Hiker

By Dale on June 12, 2018 I'm starting to do a few hikes by myself and a friend recommended this to me and it made complete sense. Every time I head out now, I will fill in the regiser to keep people up to date on where I will be. This will save alot of time and confusion, for all involved if I run into trouble. The PLB-375 is a lifesaver, litterally.

Why I own one

By MZM on June 12, 2018 Lots of opinions out there on PLBs vs satellite messenger devices, especially in the backpacking community. Many dont carry them, which I think is foolish. I bought the ResQLink for a solo trip, kept it for several reasons: 1) does not require a paid annual subscription to send an SOS message. 2) It transmits an SOS message with GPS coordinates via satellite, and in addition to that, emits a homing signal on the 121.5 MHz emergency frequency, at a power level 5 to 10 times higher than a SEND (SPOT or inReach) device. Furthermore, the PLB is much more likely than a SEND device to acquire the satellites necessary for a GPS coordinate lock. 3) The COSPAS/SARSAT network is the largest and most complete, with many thousands of people having been rescued worldwide. 4) light weight, long standby battery life, easily packable, reasonable cost. Messenger devices like the inReach can certainly do more, but also cost more and require a subscription. And when it comes down to that SOS button, a transmitting PLB is far more likely to get you rescued than a SEND device. Don't forget this.


By Compact on June 12, 2018 Compact, light , night tech. safety first gives you and your family peace of mind when venturing out in the great outdoors. I respect the elements, they can change at any time and become extreme in New Zealand. So great to be able to get ACR Res Q Link. Thank you

Retired, Bushwalking Alone

By Steve in Canberra on December 27, 2017 I am recently retired, so I have more time for my combined hobbies of bushwalking and photography. I often go out alone, so that I can go at my own pace -- and spend as long as I like to try to capture "the perfect shot." I have another larger and heavier beacon, but found that I was sometimes choosing not to carry it due to its size and weight. I specifically bought the ResQLink since it is so small and light -- so that I can always carry it with me. There is considerable peace of mind for me, my family and friends in knowing that if I need help, the beacon will be there with me. I had been thinking of getting this beacon for a while, then found it at a terrific price in the after-Christmas sales. Thank you!!

You don't get lucky twice

By Wyl E. Coyote on December 21, 2017 I recently suffered a near fatal fall while traveling solo in the Grand Canyon. Quite by luck, when I was overdue my wife was able to find me and organize a rescue after a painful and semi-delirious night in the open for me. Since luck is a poor risk management strategy, both my wife and I realized that we needed a much better method for handling emergencies during our frequent backcountry trips. I chose a PLB over the numerous satellite messenger devices (such as the SPOT) because the PLB broadcasts a much stronger signal, and the signal is broadcasted over the COSPAS/SARSAT satellite constellation - which is not proprietary, requires no additional subscription and can be accessed all over the world. If another emergency comes, I want all the odds in my favor, and I won't have to pay for the ability to send out a distress signal.

Reason for purchase

By Zuni Kid on October 10, 2017 Purchased for me as a birthday gift. I spend a great deal of time in remote places both on foot and in vehicles, alone. Wife and son concerned hence the gift.

Small and light

By Andrew on July 13, 2017 The item is small and light. I purchased the ReqQlink over the ReQlink + due to it being more compact and lighter. Both have the exact same performance specs; except the latter can float. Registration for the warranty and Government was easy.


By Andrew on July 13, 2017 I purchased the ReQlink over the ResQlink+ due to it being more compact and lighter. Both have the same performance specs; except the latter being able to float. The device is small, light and a perfect addition in keeping safe when in the bush. The registration for the warranty and PLB government was easy and quick.

Excellent Product

By Mario on May 26, 2017 Lightweight, strong construction and very easy to use. Highly recommended!

Great size

By Scott on May 26, 2017 Awesome that it fits in your pocket. 24 hours of battery is more than enough for coastal sailing in my opinion.


By Greg on March 14, 2017 Perfect size & weight for backpacking & paddling.


By Ken S on January 27, 2017 Completed a test in 40 seconds that was completely positive. I received an email from the center for search and rescue that a test had taken place. It will always be with me when on an outing.


By Bob on December 27, 2016 As an older person often tramping alone, I'm more aware these days of my limitations and like the security of knowing that if I get into trouble, help will be on the way.


By Love Hiker on November 21, 2016 I like to hike alone in the mountains, (I know, you're not supposed to but I go up there to get AWAY from people). Although not "hard core" I do some 15 or 20 mile day hikes that take me far out in to the back country. I can't believe I ever went WITHOUT this PLB, which I have had for over four years. I hope I never have to use it, but it is such a comforting feeling to know if it's ever needed, help is just a button away. If you don't have one and spend even a small amount of time in remote areas, buy one!!!

Always Be Prepared

By Gary on November 14, 2016 Compact, light and foolproof operation, what more can you ask for. Had mine since mid Jan 2014, almost had to use it within a week hunting, finally activated 24/09/2016

Peace of Mind Hunting in the Mountains

By Jim Gray on November 14, 2016 Age 76. I hunt in the Smoky Mountains on old logging trails from Fall thru Late Winter. Trips vary from 5 miles to 15 miles. Often hunt alone. This PLB gives me great peace of mind that I could be rescued if I suffered an accident far from help. Hope I never have to use it.


By Mike on November 14, 2016 I've been meaning to get one of these for the last three years, this model is so compact and affordable that I took the plunge. Now I don't know why I have out there on my own in the remote parts of New Zealand, hunting, mountain biking and fishing out of cell phone coverage, what if I had found someone else who needed rescuing, I would have had to leave them to get help. I fgeel so much more reaxed about heading off now.

Stay safe, stay found

By Rockin'Robin on July 13, 2016 Small and light weight. I bought myself the Resqlink + for cycling. I am a cycle tourist who more often than not cycles alone. Increasingly finding myself in more remote places these days, I began to think about consequences of a serious crash. I've never had a serious incident but I'm not naive. The potential is always there, especially as I push the boundaries. The Resqlink cannot take the place of sound judgment and risk management. Never the less I've got one now and hope I never need it.

Perfect! Great security for the price.

By ohioterritorychris on May 4, 2016 I ordered this before going on my first hike. I did a five day hike on the Ozark Highlands Trail by myself and If I didn't have this little device I would have no answer to my wife's, my mom's, my dad's, my employees, and my friends when they asked "what if you get hurt and you're all alone?" I did research many products before getting this one. It will have a dual purpose for me as I have a decent sized boat and spend a lot of time on the Great Lakes in the summer, and I just started my private pilots lessons. I bought it mostly for hiking trips and I know now that I will have many of them in my future. I am a right leg amputee so if I get hurt my mobility is in a bit more jeopardy than most. This device can be used with a subscription...I don't know too much about that as I am not interested in communicating with anyone with it. If I were interested in communication I would invest in a good Satellite phone. I just want to be able to call for help if I truly need it! I have mine in a nice protective custom retention case that has a sturdy belt clip. I have the lanyard looped around the belt clip for added security. The case holds the device very nicely and keeps the antenna from opening. Also, once the antenna is deployed and the beacon activated the PLB can be returned to the case where the buttons are protected from accidental deactivation and the device it once again being safely retained. I give this product a big thumbs up!

Just Purchased. Don't delay in buying yours

By Pugdaddy on May 4, 2016 I love boating and aviation. I am safety conscious as I have a family and business employees that depend on me. The small cost of any of these units is inconsequential when you factor what your survival rate increases to with one on board. How much is the cost of peace of mind?

Getting Home Safe

By Tim Sheridan on April 28, 2016 I own a full time charter boat business in Port Canaveral Fl. and there is nothing more important then getting my clients home safe!

antenna latch

By Tony on March 9, 2016 Unit is what I had expected, except for the antenna, which will not stay stowed and latched in its around-the-base-of-the-unit position. Consequently, I have to leave it unlatched. It is too "springy" to hold in stowed position with tape or rubber band.

Life is Priceless

By Jacko on March 2, 2016 My wife is probably more active than me but I'm trying to catch up. We want to do more exploring in our country and some of the terrain we are covering is pretty hardcore so knowing that if something goes wrong we can get assistance at the push of a button. Also doing a bit of kayaking and most places we are wanting to go are out of cell coverage so the PLB is perfect for this. I have been trying to convince my wife for years that we need a product like this and having come into a little money myself I decided to go ahead and get one. Life is Priceless.

Light and small

By Spirulini on February 23, 2016 I bought this as I would like to do more solo hiking, needed something light and small so it fits the bill

Happy wife happy life

By JB on January 11, 2016 3 months ago I crashed...hard in a cycling accident and smashed by hip to bits. Being 34 I thought I was too young for this sort of injury but the concrete begged to differ. I suddenly realized just how helpless I was as I laid on the ground in the rain calling for help. Thank goodness I was close to civilization as help came immediately. But it made me really think about the places I ride and the likelihood of finding help in the event of an accident. And my wife thought even more about this. Ultimately, this is what gave her the peace of mind to let me out of the house again and hit the road. She's more comfortable and I'm more comfortable...marriage saved! Thanks!


By Captain on January 8, 2016 Very small, very light, gives me peace of mind. And didn't have to spend a fortune for this great safety device. Happy with the purchase.

Christmas Present

By Slvrimg1 on December 22, 2015 I work at West Marine and my wife who is a Chef on a 200ft Tug in Alaska asked me to buy this for Christmas for her. This product is one of the Best and Secure Products I LOVE to sell. It makes the perfect Gift from a wife or Husband to a wife or Husband so each can have a Guaranteed Feeling of Safety and Security. I Have sold this product many times to Wives asking what to buy for their Husbands who go offshore to fish or work. Never Leave Home without one.

Dont leave home without it

By Journey on August 27, 2015 I just received the replacement unit for the one that I had to use earlier this year when I was in the Rocky Mountains on the Continental Divide Trail. I was backpacking in July and found myself in a situation where I required help. I activated my PLB and it wasn’t long before a Civil Air Patrol plane was able to locate me and give the search and rescue team my location. This is a great piece of equipment to have for a number of situations.


By Bobiaus on June 22, 2015 Fantastic technology that gives you piece of mind whether your on the land,sea or air.It's lightweight & small and will save your life or someone elses by alerting rescue authorities.Thank you to all the people at ACR for manufacturing a life saving product that most people can afford.I will be using it when I travel in isolated areas on land.

Back country use

By Boutthere on June 18, 2015 Small, lightweight & portable for wilderness backpacking. Decided I wanted to be found quickly rather than have the ability to email/text others and hope that message went through. Waterproof version in case of capsizing or falling in streams/lakes/rivers/ocean. Ease of use- seems pretty foolproof. No monthly fees either. A little security blanket.

Scuba Diving

By peter69_56 on May 18, 2015 I use a PLB for diving. I use a waterproof container (to 200m) and have it so if I am left behind or drift away I can be rescued

ResQLink + Buoyant

By Achim on May 18, 2015 Very handy, small, floatable...... Just awesome lifesaver :)

Why I bought this

By rikku478 on April 14, 2015 I bought this for my wife because she was traveling overseas by herself for the very first time. In light of the recent disappearance of Malaysia 370, I could not risk letting my wife go off on her own knowing she does not have the necessary skills to survive on her own. With the technology that exists within and around this little device, I consider it a well invested insurance policy.

Why I chose this?

By Wayne on December 12, 2014 I have had my ResQLink for less than 24 hours but have rated it a five because I guess not to would be like buying a parachute you didn't really think was as good as it could be? Selected this one because it was the smallest and lightest to backpack, and because setting it off is a one hand operation which might be critical?

I could have used this a couple years ago

By Hiker Bill on July 17, 2014 when I was the subject of a major rescue in the north woods of Maine. To make a long story short, fell in a boulder field, head trauma, could not ambulate, barely conscious. Accompanying hikers had no first aid skills, cell phones did not work. My companions waited for a couple of hours, not knowing what to do, as I degraded into hypothermia. We were deep in a ravine, 2 miles from the nearest forest road and 10 miles from the there to the closest town. They finally got through using a cell phone after two hours. The net-net was that it took 10 hours from the time of the accident until the time I arrived at the hospital. It was near-death experience and the rescuers knew it. But the land was so rugged it took hours to litter me out; a helicopter could not get in. Also, don't forget, it might not be you who needs rescuing - you may need to call on behalf of someone you encounter. Picked ACR due their longevity in the beacon business.

New ResQLink PLB

By Tao89 on July 7, 2014 I've been carrying the last model of the ACR PLB for about two years now. I do a great deal of solo hiking, backpacking, Mt Biking & road biking in remote areas. Having an PLB with me can give me a chance to get out if I can't do it on my own. I purchased the ResQLink for longer treks and will continue to carry my older PLB on shorter trips. I am giving the unit 5 stars for the size & weight. I won't know for sure till I have an emergency and have to deploy it. From all my research, ACR builds an PLB that will be there when I need it.


By SAROCNZ on March 3, 2014 Having coordinated the rescues of other people who have activated their emergency distress beacons, I thought it was about time (actually more overdue) that I got my own to provide that piece of mind to the family when I go bush. As a Geocacher I head out into the NZ bush and countryside, generally solo, where cellphone reception is pretty non-existent on walks seeking out new places and the odd cache, or two. So far I have been fortunate in that nothing untoward has happened, put who knows what may happen in the future (to me or someone else). I reviewed a number of different beacons and settled on the ResQLink PLB as the one for me, personal choice. Light, small, powerful and I know they work! Anywhere around the world. I hope I never have to activate the PLB, but I know that if I do, assistance and rescuers will be on their way as soon as they can. This is my reassurance.

Perfect Match

By CDRPedro on January 15, 2014 I am a retired US Coast Guard rescue pilot with over 30 years aviation experience (Alaska - Pacific Northwest) and currently flying HEMS in the Rocky Mountains. Knowing the vital importance of a 406mhz beacon in a rescue situation ResQLink provides optimum alert and rescue resource dispatch in an emergency. Its small size and unmatched capability gives the indidvidual the best chance of rescue regardless of clime, place or physical capacity. Well done!

For the worrywarts

By Longhorns2112 on November 26, 2013 Like so many others, I purchased this to help give my family peace of mind when I'm in the backcountry solo. Decided to replace my 1st gen Spot after reading multiple reviews and word of mouth testimonials.


By Phatt on October 14, 2013 I have purchased the plb so that my clients have 100% piece of mind that when we are out touring they are safe and accessible for rescue.

Affordable Peace of Mind

By ColoradoPilot from Denver via BassPro.com on January 29, 2013 Advantages: Style/Design, Value for money I fly single engine airplanes in and around the Colorado Rockies. I went looking for an affordable PLB that I hope I never have to use. I did a fair amount of research and chose the ResQLink because of the price point, ease of use, compact size, and battery life. It goes with me on every flight, as well as every backcountry hike. The way I see it, it's a convenient and affordable emergency backup plan. What is your gender? Female How frequently do you spend time doing outdoor activities? Often Would you recommend this product as a gift? Yes

Hope I Never Use It

By Otter92264 from Palm Springs via BassPro.com on January 29, 2013 Advantages: Features, Quality, small size, government managed radio system. Disadvantages: battery replacement spendy. These beacons are a long time coming to the general outdoorsman. This ACR Beacon's small size and ruggedness means you will carry it with you. You can not use it if you don't carry it with you and this one is easy to carry. I like that there is no maintenance fee if you use it only for emergencies. I often ride my dual-sport motorcycle in remote locations in the Mojave Desert and sometimes alone. There is often no mobile phone service. If I break down, I may be able to walk out, but if I fall and break a leg, I have created a potential disaster. This device gives me and others who are concerned with me piece of mind. The system is managed by the US Government is also a plus as are the required biennial updates. Identifying the user and the individuality of each signal along with your entered personal information means you will get the right people notified and quick emergency response will occur. True remote search and rescue often involves aircraft and the secondary 121.5 mHz is a big plus for responding aircraft. I also take this unit with me whenever I boat or Jet Ski. I try to carry this unit on my person, not in a glove compartment or other place of storage. A belt or life vest mounted mini camera case or mobile phone case works great. As the years pass, these devices should become a common carry item for anyone who ventures into remote locations." What is your gender? Male How frequently do you spend time doing outdoor activities? Often Would you recommend this product as a gift? Yes

So Small

By sco3656860 via Backcountry.com on January 29, 2013 Just got my Resqlink from Backcountry.com and wow is it small and light. So much lighter and smaller than both my SPOT (1st version) and especially my ACR AQUAFIX (2006 model). Bought the Resqlink because it was cheaper than replacing the 6 year old battery in the Aquafix. Now I will carry the PLB with me on all adventures. Used to leave the Aquafix at home because it was too big and heavy to lug around. It is even smaller than my Spot which wouldn't be as effective in a real emergency anways. And no subscription fees also. Win win win.

Simple and Small

By BzBrian via Backcountry.com on January 29, 2013 It's hard to give a review on a PLB without actually having used it. But from the perspective of design, this thing is great. It's small and simple; great to carry and simple to use--very important. Instructions on how to use the PLB is also printed onto the beacon in case you're panicking. I would recommend you buying this just for the peace of mind of yourself and your family back home

Insurance policy

By Hiker via Amazon.com on January 29, 2013 Everything I expected to find. Very compact and light. Easy to use if I need that extra security. I recommend ACR to all adventurous people.

Great Christmas Gift

By M.Bennett from Weatherford, Tx via Amazon.com on January 29, 2013 I bought this for my husband who is a private pilot. The locating beacon is, in my opinion, a necessary piece of equipment for anyone who flies a plane. I feel better knowing he has this when flies long distances.

Piece of Mind

By LSNM via Amazon.com on January 29, 2013 I purchased this PLB for my father. He likes to go hiking, biking, and kayaking by himself. Most of the time, there are people around, but there are times when he's by himself. As we know, cell service is very spotty in the mountains and some lakes. The last time I went hiking with him, my mom tried to call and the cell service was very spotty. Let's just say we couldn't communicate with her (Or anyone). That made me start to think that I (And my mom) would feel much safer with a PLB on him. We don't need the 406link service. It's very easy to tell if the self-tests have passed/failed. I feel much better that he carries it with him. My mom and myself breath easier when he goes out by himself.


By Flyswadder on January 24, 2013 How do you rate something that, hopefully, one never would HAVE to use? The concept is wonderful. If I truly need it, it will be awesome at that time (if I have life left to use it). If I never need it, than all is for naught. I'm a 56 year old solo hunter, both bow and gun. I use tree stands, blinds and camo in the open. Falls, heart attacks, strokes...in the field are my concerns. If I get shot, well that's somebody else's concern. I also carry a cell phone and GPS that would probably get pulled first unless I feel I'm losing consciousness, in that case the PLB will be shouting at the stars faster than a whitetail can scamper from my scent. If you are on my rescue team, thank you in advance.

info tag

By Paul on March 30, 2012 I love this unit except for 1 thing. The plastic tag on the back that contains the serial number, operating instructions, battery exp. date, etc. seems like it could come off the unit and get lost easily..it sticks out and could get caught on something and pulled off or water could make it come loose...there should be some kind of little plastic pouch on the back to hold this tag on securely.


By JR on March 6, 2012 I was recently stranded while on a hiking trip in the San Bernardino National Forest, I had to activate my PLB and a Sheriff's Department helicopter was on location within the hour. As an experienced hiker, Law Enforcement official and Search & Rescue Team Member I would recomend this to anyone who likes to hike or camp.

Beware the hidden charge!

By Canadian purchaser on February 1, 2012 A Canadian purchaser will need to register the PLB with the Canadian government. A fact only slightly alluded to on the ACR website is that a PLB purchased from the States cannot be registered without the unit being reprogrammed to have a Canadian identification number (UIN). In my case, living in Toronto, I must take the PLB to the closest battery-replacement centre which is in Hamilton Ontario, for reprogramming. This is an $80 job. ACR is not making this fact as well known as it might.

Good Product

By K7QQQ / WQLT227 on January 31, 2012 Liked: small size, ease of use, functionality. Disliked: no carry case or clip-on-belt feature. Rating: 4 of 5 stars Now that I'm starting to take my 6 year old son on hikes and scout events, I wanted to have a Personal Locator Beacon in addition to my 2-way mobile radio. Cell phones don't cut it ;-) The unit is easy to test and easy to operate in case of a real emergency. Having access to the proper test equipment as a FCC licensed as a GMDSS maintainer, I was able to verify that the unit sent out the proper signals and power on 406 Mhz as well as the audio beacon on 121.5 MHz. I have no doubt that it will operate, should the need arise. One would think that a $280 unit would come with a carry-case or with some means (other than a lanyard) to "clip/hold" the unit to it's owner. It does not. However, I picked up a $5.00 cell phone case from Wallgreens Pharmacy. Problem solved. It was easy to register the unit at the NOAA web site - www.beaconregistration.noaa.gov/ Best J. Dan Connell

finally got one

By buelah roamer on January 30, 2012 I am new at the review game. I have been looking at locator for awhile. Since turning 50 plus yrs old & falling this year at work, where no one knew my location. I thought, with alot of urging from my wife, to get a locator. I looked at the spot, but went with the ACR, I like it's size. It will fit into my pocket & weight is nothing.Also no yearly subscription. I spend much time hunting far from my vehicle & cell phones are not always usable. I only went with 4 stars, because I have not used it & really do not want to. But I have it if the need arises. If I ever use it then the stars for rating will change, hopefully up. Besides if the USCG ordered them, they have to be good. Happy Hunting

I wish all our Search & Rescue victims would've had one of these...

By Happy Heli Pilot on January 24, 2012 What a fantastic product! I'm a Commercial helicopter pilot and former Search & Rescue Member, and I my ResQLink goes in the chest pocket of my flight suit...every flight, including when I'm on a jetliner. It fits a couple of my personal preparedness rules: 1- If it's not on your PERSON, don't plan on having it; & 2- It has to be simple to operate with one hand, in case of injury, etc. This thing is so light & user-friendly. Take the 10 minutes to read the complete online manual so you understand monthly testing and the light signals when activated. I can think of many Search & Rescue missions looking for lost or injured hikers, horseback riders, snowmobilers/ATV'ers, some of them lasting for days, where if they'd had one of these it would have been over in a couple of hours with a nice helicopter ride home for them. Instead, the results were sometimes tragic. Better to have it and never need it than the other way around!

ResQLink 406 GPS

By Larry on January 12, 2012 The Quick Start Guide that comes with the unit does a poor job of explaining the test procedures. I wasted a lot of time and valuable battery life attempting to test the PLB. The downloadable instuction manual should be included with the unit.

Smaller than cellphone

By ridge513 on January 3, 2012 I spent quite a bit of time looking at what was on the market and chose the ResQlink after discarding any thought of purchasing the much cheaper SPOT. The ResQlink is tiny and light. I'm going to do some speculating here as I was trying to determine the difference between the ResQlink and the SARLink: my best guess is it is the exact same electronics, but the SARlink has a more substanial battery that allows for more and different kinds of testing. That being said, I'm very happy with the ResQlink. Hopefully, I will never activate it, but it will be regular part of my hiking, backpacking and skiing gear. If I have one tiny critique its that I'd love to have ACR print the 15-character UIN code with dashes between every 4 characters at it is easy to make a mistake when registering with NOAA. The on-line NOAA registration is very easy, by the way. And I received an e-mail confirmation instantly.

Help, Come get me

By Patrick J. Finley via Amazon.com on December 6, 2011 I think it's important to site the differences between this unit and a competitor "Spot" which lets you send nifty "I'm OK" messages. Spot is not a SAR 406 MHz Personal Locator Beacon. It is a GPS communicator. The Spot Communicator has been fraught with problems where tracking and personal messages have not been successfully sent. Out of 91 users on REI's website 34 have complained that they have been unable to send messages. This works out to roughly 30% chance that your message didn't make it out. The statistics are even worse for the Spot Smartphone unit. Are these the kind of odds you want in a real emergency? What I really want is a "Help, come get me" message that will work in the event that I am in an emergency. If I'm in trouble I want my message heard, and for that I'm going to rely on a SAR 406 Mhz beacon! This thing is lightweight and small, and it lets you test it once or twice a year to confirm that it's working. That's what the 12 messages are for, not for idle chit-chat with loved ones. Yes, it's pricier than the competition at first glance, but there are no yearly subscription fees with this. You buy it once and it's good for years. With the spot you have to pay subscription fees at or over $100 a year. In the long run this ACR is much cheaper. If texting with loved ones is what you want, buy the Spot. Just make sure you bring this ACR unit in the event of an emergency!

but I'm confident it will do the job if necessary.

By Photo Guy 27 from Lander, WY via REI.com on December 6, 2011 I was extremely impressed that the manufacture date of the PLB (and initiation date for the five-year battery) was in September 2011 and I received it in October 2011. It's small, it's light, and you could deploy it with one hand if you had to. Very nice. A more complete printed manual would have been better, as the included instruction sheet is incomplete. A much more detailed manual is available at the ACR website though, so still 5 stars.

I am a happy owner and I hope I never have to use it.

By JoeJulie from San Diego via REI.com on December 6, 2011 This little PLB is really small and light. It is waterproof and rugged. The antenna is easy to deploy and turn on the PLB. Using the 406Link.com service allows you to send an OK message to friends and family. As a SPOT owner, I feel that this PLB is more reliable and faster to acquire and send a message. Best of all I no longer have to deal with SPOT's horrible customer service and high prices. I am a happy owner and I hope I never have to use it.

Hope to never use it!

By Synergy via WestMarine.com on October 10, 2011 I have yet to use this PLB, and I hope never to have to use it. It is compact and appears east to engage. The only concern is that the instructions indicates that upon test the lights will following a certain pattern, it does not. The instructions could be clearer.

"I'm OK" works fine

By Cary on September 22, 2011 I bought my ResQLink at Airventure 2011. I did the free "I'm OK" test, and then signed up for 406Link. Just 2 weeks ago, I was at Marble, CO for the annual Colorado Pilots fly-in/camp out and sent my first "real" "I'm OK" message home--actually twice, because I couldn't see the flashing light in the sun (my only complaint--could be brighter). I appreciate being able to send the message & my SO appreciated getting it, and as well as that worked, if I ever need to use the PLB for real, I know it'll work. Good product!

Perfectly meets hikers' requirements

By Dimitrios from Houston via Amazon.com on August 26, 2011 ACR did a great job delivering a personal locator beacon that perfectly meets hikers' requirements. It is a full fledged PLB (unlike spot), with GPS functionality , extremely compact and light (lighter than my phone), waterproof and looks very ruggedly built. I just got it, so I can't attest to its performance or reliability, but the fact that it complies with government standards gives me a peace of mind. Also, it is not a well not known fact but you can actually use a 406MHz PLB to send test messages to cell phones. For a nominal fee 406link.com allows you to utilize the device's test function to send out ok messages with or without your GPS location. Only downside is that its battery, which is non rechargeable or field-serviceable allows for a limited number of tests. Exceeding this number cuts into the 24hours of continuous operation, the device is required to meet in case of emergency. Replacing the battery is $100-150 which makes extensive use of the feature rather expensive. Still, I intend to use it to notify my wife when I am fine but running late getting out of the wilderness an to an area with cell phone coverage.


By schifferi via trailspace.com on August 16, 2011 As a pilot and sailor I've used EPIRBs for many, many years. Personal Locator Beacons (PLB) were introduced into the United States not too long ago and I immediately purchased an ACR Sarlink. Now ACR has introduced the ResQLink PLB and this is a backpacker's dream. It's about the size of a flip model cell phone at 1.3" x 1.9" x 3.9" and it weighs a scant 4.6 ounces. Due to space limitations let me just say that the beacon transmits to high and low satellites whose sole purpose is search and rescue. It also transmits continually on 121.5 to act as a homing beacon for rescuers. It transmits at 5 watts of power and blasts through trees, storms, etc. The rescuers then know who you are, where your are, and that you are in trouble. When you open the box the first thing your are required to do is register your beacon with NOAA. Its a simple, easy process than can be completed online in about ten minutes or less and it is at no cost to you. This registration must be renewed every two years. ACR has recently added its 406link.com service which allows you to test and confirm your beacon via cell phone and email up to 420 times over the five year life of the battery. This costs $39.95 per year. For $59.95 per year you can have your tests transmitted to as many as five recipients and add a precanned message such as "I'm OK, on course." Great for that person back home monitoring your "hiking plan." Both plans are completely optional - if you push the button, rescue is still coming whether or not you are a subscriber. So, bottom line. A PLB is your last best chance. Do you want to trust your life to a "messenger" that transmits at 400 miliwatts or a PLB that transmits at 5 watts? My experience with this PLB is a bit limited but I did just send and receive a signal from inside my garage! I've never, not once, had a transmitted signal not go through using ACR PLB's. I never go on any hike without my PLB (it's my 11th essential!) and that just got easier with this new lightweight, compact model! http://www.trailspace.com/gear/acr/resqlink/review/23390/

375 user friendly

By Curveman on August 15, 2011 Just received my PLB-375 and while of course I hope I never have to use it, it is easily engaged with just one hand. (I make this a requirement for all my survival whenever possible)! Despite reading the specs, I was still somehow surprised by how compact and light it is! MY iPhone takes up more weight and space. Great purchase!


Q: What do PLBs do?

Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) are distress radio beacons which transmit location information about individuals directly to Search and Rescue forces letting them know that the owner is in grave and imminent danger.

Q: When do you use a Beacon?

Most Search-and-Rescue (SAR) organizations instruct that beacons are satellite signaling devices of last resort, for use when all other means of self-rescue have been exhausted, where the situation is grave with imminent danger and the loss of life, limb, eyesight or valuable property will occur without assistance.

Q: What is a UIN and where do I find it on the beacon so I can register my beacon?

A UIN is a Unique Identifier Number that is programmed into each beacon at the factory. The UIN number consists of 15 digit series of letters and numbers that make up the unique identity of the beacon. The UIN is on a white label on the exterior of the beacon. The UIN is also referred to as the Hex ID.


Q: Do I need a radio license?

For the latest information, in the United States you may contact the Federal Communication Commission at toll-free 1-888-CALLFCC or visit the website of the FCC.  Outside of the United States, contact your local authority for the requirements.


Q: How do I register my beacon?

406 MHz Beacons must be registered with the National Authority of the country you live in.

Step 1.  Visit our Registration database to find the appropriate National Authority

Step 2.  Register with your countries National Authority via Mail, Fax or for the fastest service register online.

Registration in the United States

The national authority that accepts beacon registrations in the United States is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Here are three easy ways to register:

1.) The fastest and easiest way to register is online at www.beaconregistration.noaa.gov .    Recommended method. Verify and validate information before submitting.

2.) Mail the registration form with the pre-addressed, postage paid envelope to:

1315 East West Hwy
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Please print legibly.

3.) Faxing a registration is also acceptable. Fax the registration form to the Fax number on the bottom of the registration form. To reduce the possibility of erroneous entry please verify legibility of information and validate information on form to UIN on beacon before faxing. Please print legibly and in BLACK ink.

All registration forms will be entered in the 406 MHz beacon registration database within 48 hours of receipt. The information you provide on the registration form is used for rescue purposes only.

A confirmation letter, a copy of the actual registration and a proof-of-registration decal will be mailed to you within two weeks. When you receive these documents, please check the information carefully to ensure that the information provided on the label agrees with the information on the beacon and then affix the decal to your beacon in the area marked "BEACON DECAL HERE." If you do not receive confirmation from NOAA in the expected timeframe, or if the information on the label is incorrect call toll free 1-888-212-7283 for assistance.

Registration outside of the United States

In countries other than the United States, 406 MHz beacons are registered with that country's national authority at the time of purchase. The sales agent should have assisted you in filling out the forms and sending them to the country's national authority. Alternatively, visit our Registration database or many countries allow online registration in the International 406MHz Beacon Registration Database (IBRD) at www.406registration.com.

To verify that the unit is properly programmed for your country, view the UIN label on the back of the unit. In the event that the beacon is not programmed for your country, the sales agent (if properly equipped) can reprogram the unit for the correct country.

Q: What are my obligations with regard to registering and re-registering my beacon?

A beacon should be registered at the time of purchase or installation. The registration of a beacon is valid for 2 (two) years. The owner should re-register the beacon every two years.  If change of ownership occurs, the original owner must notify the authorities and de-register the beacon before the new owner can register.

Q: Why is it so important for me to register my beacon?

Registering the EPIRB, ELT or Personal Locator Beacon is required by law in the United States and in most countries.  Registering is very important because should your beacon ever be activated, it is how Search and Rescue Teams will know who you are, and contacts provided may be able to supply information about your specific travel plans. In the absence of this information, it may take longer for a search-and-rescue operation to begin.

Q: I tried to register my beacon but the authorities tell me that it needs a different ID number programmed in. Do I need to send this back to you?

This can be done by any Certified Battery/Service Center.  Please have your registration form and beacon available when contacting a Certified Battery Replacement Center for assistance.

Q: Where can I purchase a beacon?

Visit our Where To Buy dealer locator

Q: Can 406 MHz beacons be used anywhere in the world?

Yes, 406 MHz beacons can be used anywhere in the world, including the Poles.

Q: Is there a subscription fee for beacon registration or rescue service?

Beacon registration is free, should you ever have to activate your beacon, rescue is free in most parts of the world.

Q: Is it true that certain emergency beacons no longer work?

The 121.5MHz and 243 MHz beacons are no longer satellite detectable. The beacons may still function but the emergency satellite system will no longer detect the emergency signals from these frequencies. Please read the explanation of the phase out of the 121.5/243 MHz frequency from Cospas-Sarsat at http://www.sarsat.noaa.gov/phaseout.html.

If you have a 121.5 MHz or 243 MHz beacon, you should upgrade to a new 406 MHz beacon.

Q: Can I take my beacon with me on an aircraft?

You may wish to check with the airline about any restrictions or documentation that you may need to carry with the unit.   We suggest that you print a copy of the MSDS and bring it with you. We also recommend that you carry the Product Support Manual to explain what the unit is (MSDS sheets and Manuals can be found on the product web page).

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