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EPIRB/PLB/ELT Advanced Testing Services

Model Number: www.406Link.com

With our advanced testing technology, you can now test your beacon through the same Search and Rescue Satellites to confirm your beacon is working perfectly.

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With the push of a button, receive an email and/or SMS text message confirming the receipt of your beacon self test.  Using our www.406link.com optional subscription service, its as easy as creating an account, setting up the contacts you wish to receive your test message and then going outside and performing a normal self test or GPS self test.


Satellite Confirmation that your beacon message is reaching the Cospas-Sarsat Satellites.

Receive confirmation in the matter of seconds!

Two plans to choose from:

Basic - Only send standard self tests (no GPS) and allow from 1 contact to receive the confirmation messages

Plus - Send both standard self tests and GPS self test and allow up to 5 contacts to receive the confirmation messages.

Also includes a trip planning feature.

Beacon management services:

Battery replacement and registration reminders

Self test history folder allows you to monitor how many tests you have performed

Manage multiple beacons in 1 account


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Q: What is a Through Satellite Self Test?

As opposed to a normal Self Test which only checks the internal operation of the beacon and provides a local indication of pass or fail, a Through Satellite Self Test does just that, it checks that the signal emitted by your beacon can be picked up by the Cospas-Sarsat satellites and can be detected and decoded by the ground stations, thus providing a complete test of the system from end to end.

Normal Cospas-Sarsat Ground Stations ignore Self Test messages, but the SafeLife Systems ground receiving stations have been specially adapted to receive these Self Test messages so that we can provide you with this ultimate level of confidence in the operation of your beacon in an emergency.

Q: What does a Through Satellite Self Test check?

Assuming that your beacon transmits a message during the Self Test (you can check whether your beacon actually transmits a Self Test burst or not by looking it up in the list of beacons here) then you can use the SafeLife Systems Through Satellite Self Test.

The Through Satellite Self Test carries out a normal Self Test of your beacon and works in exactly the same way as normal, but the transmitted Self Test message is picked up by the SafeLife Systems ground receiving stations and is decoded in the same way that a real message would be to provide the same information that would be provided to the rescue services in the case of an emergency.

Specifically we are able to determine and provide the following information:

  • Confirmation of whether or not, your beacon would be detected by the satellites used by the International Search and Rescue network
  • In addition, you will be provided with the encoded beacon information (15 HEX ID, Country Code, Beacon Type and Programmed Identity) for your verification / records.

In addition if you have a GPS Beacon that can perform a GPS Self Test then we can also provide:

  • The encoded location transmitted as a part of the Beacon message

We can also provide:

  • An official Record of the test and the results where this is required to satisfy regulatory or commercial requirements
Q: What are the advantages of a Through Satellite Self Test?

Compared to a normal Self Test a Through Satellite Self Test offers the following advantages:

  • Confidence that you beacon can transmit a signal that can be picked up by the satellites
  • Confidence that your beacon transmits a signal that can be recognized and decoded by the ground stations
  • Confidence that the details programmed into your beacon are correct, thus helping to speed up any rescue should one be necessary at some point in the future
  • Overall confidence in the complete system from end to end in case of an emergency
  • If your Beacon is fitted with a GPS Self Test then confidence that the GPS Receiver is working correctly and that the beacon correctly encodes your location into the transmitted message and that it is received and decoded correctly
Q: Are there any beacons that I can't test using 406Link.com?

406Link is compatible with all currently available ACR and/or Artex beacons. It is also compatible with most previous ACR/Artex models. 406MHz beacons made by manufacturers other than ACR or Artex cannot be used on 406Link.com.

You can check whether your beacon actually transmits a Self Test burst or not by looking it up in the list of beacons here

Q: How do I carry out a Through Satellite Self Test?

In order to carry out a Through Satellite Self Test you must first pre-arrange the Test by filling in the appropriate forms on this web site (see the relevant area for your type of beacon).

You perform the test in the same way as you would for a normal Self Test following the manufacturer's instructions in the user manual for your beacon. However in addition you must also ensure that:

  • You perform the test out of doors
  • That you have a clear view of the sky, especially to the South (the satellites are typically located in a SE to SW direction at an elevation angle of between 25 to 50 degrees).
  • That the Beacon antenna is vertical (pointing straight up at the sky)

Specific details for each type of beacon are provided when you register to test that beacon.

Q: What should I do if I get a Self Test failure?

If you get a Self Test failure, firstly check the instructions in the user manual supplied with your Beacon, make sure you carried out the test correctly and that you have followed any instructions provided. If you are sure your Beacon failed the self test then you should contact the beacon manufacturer or one of their appointed service agents for further advice and instructions.

Q: How does the GPS Self Test feature work?

A lot of beacons on the market have the capability to do a GPS test, in which the beacon turns the GPS engine on, acquires GPS data and flashes a light to signify the test is completed. However, ACR has optimized our new beacons in conjunction with 406Link so that on New SARLink and AquaLink (PLB Models PLB-350B and PLB-350C) can performs an automatic self test once this GPS test is successful that will transmit the beacons GPS position in the self test burst. Your GPS coordinates are sent to you with your location plotted on an online map. Due to Cospas-Sarsat location restrictions, the GPS position on the map will be within 100 meters.

Q: How many Self Tests and GPS Test can I perform?
EPIRB/PLB Normal Self-Tests GPS Tests
ResQLink PLB 220 12
ResQLink+ PLB 220 12
AquaLink PLB 420 12
AquaLink View PLB 420 60
GlobalFix Pro EPIRB 420 1
GlobalFix iPro EPIRB 420 1


Learn more about advanced satellite testing through the satellite system at 406Link.com    

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