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Emergency Locator Transmitter Online Testing Service

Model Number: www.406Test.com

Test your 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter through the Cospas-Sarsat satellite system to ensure the ELT is working properly and the installation has been completed correctly.

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With 406Test.com, you can test your beacon through-the-satellite using the test function of the 406 MHz ELT to comply with annual inspections and during initial installations.

In addition, our system automatically lets you know when your aircraft is due its annual inspection and when it is time to inspect your ELT.

Currently the most expensive part of 406 MHz ELT certification is the up-front cost for all of the test equipment needed to ensure the beacon and antenna are working properly. This equipment can easily run a facility over $5,000 to be set up to test 406 MHz ELTs…but not any more.

With 406Test.com, the actual installed ELT is the only equipment you need. Simply perform a self-test and receive instant alerts on your cell phone if that Test Passed and print the certificate.

With 4 simple steps, you can certify an ELT:

  • Log into your 406Test.com account and enter the aircraft's information
  • Perform a self-test of the fully installed 406 MHz ELT directly though the satellite system
  • Verify that the self-test was received by the satellites via notification from your cell phone
  • Print the FAA compliant certification

Database Management

  • House all of your vital aircraft, facility and beacon information in one easy-to-use database.
  • Track which ELT is being used in a particular aircraft
  • Receive email reminders when an annual inspection is due
  • Receive reminders for battery and registration replacement
  • Pull up ELT certificates from years past
  • Perform self-tests faster by having all of your aircraft, inspectors, facilities and ELTs pre-loaded into the system


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Q: I already own a beacon tester so why should I use your system?

Unlike most bench testers which check individual components, 406Test.com allows you test the entire ELT system, end to end. With the ELT connected to the antenna and the switch, you will be able to tell if there are any connection issues. In addition, you are testing the ELT through the same satellite system that is used in case of an emergency.

Q: You already have a beacon testing site, why did you build a new one?

The original ACR testing site is called http://www.406link.com/ which is designed for recreational beacon testing. It allows beacon owners to test their beacon, send back an "I'm Ok" message, and GPS coordinates (with select ACR beacons). One of our major customers, a fleet operator with 150 aircraft, approached us with some very specific requirements for ELT testing so we built a new site specifically designed for that application.

With their help, we developed the www.406Test.com website. One of their main requirements was to check the integrity of the entire ELT system. They currently own a bench tester and have used it extensively to test their beacons; however, one of their aircraft crashed after they had passed the ELT through their standard process but the ELT signal was not received. They found out that they still had an antenna connection issue which did not allow the signal to radiate even though the ELT was working properly. Since then, they use our system to check all of the connections and to verify the signal actually transmits through the antenna and up to the satellite system.

Q: Is there any equipment I need to buy?

406Test.com is a web based program so there is no equipment to buy. You sign up for the service online by entering your tail number, owner information, A&P license information, ELT Hex ID, and facility. Once everything is added, you then press the "Perform Test" button and you have 48 hours to do the test. If you do not perform the test or if you have trouble with the beacon, you will receive a failure notification. If that happens, schedule it again (you have six months to complete the inspection).

Q: How much does ELT test equipment cost?

The cost of ELT test equipment varies from $5,000 to well over $15,000 if you include the expense of a screen room, beacon tester, and antenna analyzer. But even if you buy all this equipment, you still are not testing all of the ELT system together in the aircraft where it will be used.

Q: How does 406Test.com work?

In order to use the system, the 406 MHz ELT must be installed on the aircraft, the aircraft antenna must have a clear view of the southern sky (in North America), and you must have registered the beacon and aircraft properly on the website. Once everything is in place, you press the "Perform Test" button online and then perform a self-test on the ELT within 48 hrs. The beacon transmits the test burst through the Cospas-Sarsat satellite system, which is the same system which receives the real emergency ELT alerts, to capture the 406 MHz test bursts.

If successful, you will receive a notification either via SMS text messaging or email telling of you success. You can then go to your account and print off and sign the certification form. The forms are stored in your account in case you ever need to check them and all of the information you input into the system is available for next year's testing.

Q: Does 406Test.com conform to 41 CFR Part 91.207?

It does conform to the following requirements:

  • To check for proper installation,
  • Operation of the controls,
  • And the presence of a sufficient signal radiated from its antenna

 It does not allow for the checking the crash sensor (g-switch) in most models.

Q: How much does it cost?

There is a one-time cost of $30 to set up the system and an annual cost of $30 per beacon for six months worth of testing. For companies with over 50 ELT beacons, discounts are available.

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Q: Who can I contact for more information?

Contact Gabriel Roura at Gabriel.Roura@acrartex.com or by phone at 954-862-2119 for more information.

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