110-337-11 Antenna, 406 Blade

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406 MHz Blade Antenna (Replacement for the 110-337)

Model Number: 110-337-11

Replacement 406 MHz blade antenna for the previous 110-337 and 110-337-01.

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Tri-Band high speed blade antenna, bringing the 121.5, 243, and 406 MHz frequencies into a compact package. The 110-337-11 offers two connectors for those installations that require this set-up. Designed to meet TSOA C91a requirements, plus the Eurocae ED 62 flame test.

Offers two secure bonding methods for attaching the antenna to the aircraft.  Select either screw mounted or base plate mounting. 


Frequency 121.5 to 243 MHz & 406 MHz
VSWR 2.0:1 MAX 2.0:1 MAX 1.5:1 MAX
Polarization Vertical
Radiation Pattern Omnidirectional
Impedence RF 50 OHMS (nominal)
Power RF 50 Watts
Weight 1.6 lbs. maximum
Height 7.85” maximum
Material Molded blade
Finish Polyurethane White Paint
Connector BNC 121.5 & 243 MHz port, TNC 406 MHz port
Temperature -55˚ C to + 85˚ C
Altitude 50,000’
Color White
Gasket Artex P/N 280-0340 (sold separately)


Warranty Length: 30 months from date of installation of the Goods on Buyer's solution' 24 months from the date of dispatch of Goods by the Supplier

Warranty coverage is effectively extended from previous warranties offered on Artex products. To qualify for warranty coverage, a customer must do one of two things.

1) Provide the original packing list from Artex with a shipping date on it. The warranty period expires 24 months from the date shipped on the packing list.

2) Provide proof of installation date (Logbook entry, signed copy of the FAA form 337 the ELT was installled under, or other documentation stating such).

If the customer is unable to provide either methods of documentation, the warranty will apply for 24 months from date of manufacture listed on the ELT product label, with a 6 month instalation grace period - effectively 30 months.

For any inquiries regarding warranties, feel free to contact Artex products technical support at: artexsupport@acrartex.com or by phone at USA 954-981-3333.

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