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    406 Test

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    Emergency Locator Transmitter Online Testing Service

    ACR’s 406Test allows 406 MHz emergency locator transmitters (ELTs) to be tested through search and rescue satellites during both initial installations and annual inspections. Plus, our system automatically lets you know when your aircraft is due for its annual inspection, so you have one less thing to worry about. With our patent pending system, you can test your beacon for proper installation, operation of the controls, and the presence of a sufficient antenna signal. The ELT test signal employs the same system that’s used during real emergency activations. The test burst is transmitted from the aircraft’s ELT antenna. From there, it travels up to the satellite, down to the 406Test telecommunication station, and then over to your computer or cell phone.


    With 4 simple steps, you can certify an ELT:


    1) Log into your 406Test account and enter the aircraft's information


    2) Perform a self-test directly through the search and rescue satellite system (without having to remove the ELT from the aircraft)


    3) Verify that the self-test was received by the satellies with SMS text message confirmation on your cell phone


    4) Print the FAA-compliant certification


    How does a rescue work?

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