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  • Sea Shelter™ 4 Cat I EPIRB Bracket


    Harsh conditions don’t stand a chance against the Sea Shelter™ 4 Cat I. This EPIRB bracket is fully enclosed, which provides protection during even your wildest adventures. Should your vessel start to take on water, the Sea Shelter will automatically deploy your EPIRB and send a signal to a worldwide network of search and rescue satellites. This bracket fits GlobalFix™ V4, GlobalFix™ V5, and GlobalFix™ V6 EPIRBs only.

    NOTE: The Sea Shelter™  replacement bracket (p/n 2832) does not include the Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU). The HRU (p/n 9490.1) will need to be ordered separately.

  • Flotation Pouch for ResQlink AIS


    ​​​​​The Flotation Pouch adds a second layer of protection to your personal locator beacon and enables it to float. It features a sleek form factor and is easily secured to the ResQLink AIS using the attached built-in lanyard.

    NOTE: This pouch is only for the ResQLink PLB-450 model (p/n 2933). This pouch will not work for the ResQLink 400 (p/n 2921), ResQLink View (p/n 2922) ResQLink RLS 410 (p/n 2931), or ResQLink View RLS 435 (p/n 2932). 


  • PLB + Bivy Pouch and Carabiner with Velcro Strap


    The ACR Pouch and Carabiner with Velcro accessory kit provides numerous wearability options, addressing a variety of usage applications, for multiple ACR products.

    Compatible with the ACR Bivy Stick and the ACR ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon series (including PLB-375, PLB-400, PLB-410, PLB-425, and PLB-435), this kit is an important safety gear addition as it helps to ensure that you are able to keep ACR’s lifesaving products safely on your person so that you have them when you need them the most.


    This pouch is NOT compatible with the new ResQLink AIS PLB-450




  • Sale!

    Bivy 15W Solar Panel



    Proudly made in the USA!


  • Bivy Stick Comprehensive Mounts Kit

    Bivy Comprehensive Mounts Kit

  • Bivy Stick Essentials Mount Kit

    Bivy Essential Mounts Kit



    The Guardian Extension Cable Set can be used to extend the distance by 29.5 inches (750mm) for either the Power cable, the Switch cable or both. This is designed for use on larger vessels where the ACR OLAS Guardian hub needs to be located further from either the control switch or the power and kill switch connections.





    The ACR OLAS Guardian Multi Engine Connector enables the ACR OLAS Guardian to operate in situations where a multiple engine configuration exists (up to 3 engines in total). Most commonly required on Yamaha twin and triple engine boats, this accessory connects the multiple engines into one kill switch system.


    For further wiring instructions please see the Multi Engine Connector Manual available via the Downloads dropdown on this product page.


  • WW-3 ResQ™ Whistle


    Get attention when you need it with the WW-3 ResQ™ Whistle. This compact survival whistle was specially developed to locate boaters who’ve fallen overboard, but it can also aid in land rescues. The WW-3 ResQ issues a shrill dual-tone up to 100 decibels, which is audible over great distances. The unique, flat design of this whistle keeps it from holding water, and its 31.5 inch (80 cm) lanyard easily attaches to life jackets, rafts, and other weather gear. And, to top it all of, this rescue whistle was built to meet USCG requirements.

  • ResQKit Pro Boat Safety Kit

    ResQKit PRO


    #PrepLikeAPro on all your boat adventures with the ResQKit PRO, ACR’s most comprehensive Survival Kit. With the inclusion of the ResQFlare (a USCG approved Night-Time Visual Distress Signal) and the ACR Distress Flag (a USCG approved Day Time Visual Distress Signal), U.S. boaters carrying these items can forego the USCG requirement to carry traditional pyrotechnic flares on their vessel. The products included in this kit will come in handy during expeditions of all sizes (yes, everything from leisure boating and deep-sea fishing to sailing and jet-skiing, plus all those exciting experiences in between). Should you run into an unexpected situation, have peace of mind knowing that with the ResQKit PRO, you’ve got everything you need to ensure a safe return.




  • SR203 VHF Handheld Survival Radio

    The SR203 VHF Handheld Survival Radio is an FCC approved device that’s built for all marine applications. Its digital display and control buttons are backlit, making the device easily operable in dark environments. If you find yourself in need of some assistance, the SR203 VHF is easy to use. Once it’s been activated, this survival radio automatically tunes to emergency Channel 16, and has a single push call button so you can quickly send out your distress message. The SR203 VHF has a battery life of over 16 hours, and meets all the requirements of the IMO.


    This product is not available for commercial sale.


  • Wi-Fi Remote Control Module

    This Wifi Remote Control Module will give you the flexibility of controlling your RCL-100LED and RCL-100D straight from your mobile phone.





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  • L8-5

    The L8-5 is a U.S. Coast Guard approved water-activated LED survivor locator light that is approved for use on life vests or life preservers to indicate the location of survivors in water as a result of a marine related accident or distress situation. The lamp and lens combo of the L8-5 produce a powerful light that will last for a minimum of 8 hours after activation with a minimum light intensity of 1 cd. Throughout its entire operational life, the light will continuously output a steady white light to clearly indicate a survivor’s location and increase the probability of rescue.

  • 360 video GlobalFix V4 Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon

    GlobalFix™ V4 EPIRB


    When you’re setting out on a boat adventure, it’s important to have safety equipment you can count on. Designed with high-efficiency electronics that are built for performance, the GlobalFix™ V4 GP Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon or EPIRB provides the protection you can trust in an emergency. Should the unexpected happen, this EPIRB will relay your location to a vast network of search and rescue satellites, allowing local first responders to get you home more easily.

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