The Ultimate Guide To Boat Safety Equipment Essentials





The Ultimate Guide To Boat Safety Equipment Essentials

The Ultimate Guide To Boat Safety Equipment Essentials

The Ultimate Guide To Boat Safety Equipment Essentials

Posted on May 26, 2023

Whether you’re a professional mariner or just love getting out on the water on your boat, you must have a plan in place for emergency situations.

Like with any outdoor adventure, disaster can strike at any time. And, if you aren’t prepared with the right safety equipment, your life might be on the line.

We’ve compiled a guide to some of the best boating safety essentials available to ensure you’re fully equipped in the event of an emergency.

These four essential products we’ve selected are packed with innovative features that can help you survive even the most dire emergencies.

Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs)

A personal locator beacon is a safety equipment innovation that uses satellite networks to communicate with rescue authorities when you are in danger.

When a personal locator beacon is activated, the device sends your current location to local search and rescue teams via satellite messengers.

Our ResQLink AIS Personal Locator Beacon, for example, uses the Cospas-Sarsat satellite system to send your distress signal to emergency personnel. 

Thanks to the built-in return link service (RLS), you’ll be notified when rescue teams have received your emergency signal, providing reassurance that help is on the way.


Because they use satellite communication, PLBs can operate even in the most remote areas with no cell service, rather than only in coastal waters like other devices.

Most of our PLB devices have infrared strobe lights to help rescue teams find you in low-visibility areas.

ACR locator beacons boast excellent battery life and can be completely managed using an intuitive cell phone app.

From deep sea adventures to a coastal fishing trip, a personal locator beacon is an absolutely essential item to include in your emergency kit on your next outdoor adventure.

LED Flashlights

Visual distress signals are one of the fastest ways to let nearby boaters know you are in danger.

The ACR Float-On is a buoyant water-activated strobe and LED flashlight with sensors that only need six seconds of water exposure to activate, making it the perfect flashlight for emergency use.

A high-powered LED strobe ensures your visual distress signals are visible up to three nautical miles away, flashing once every second for up to 20 hours due to its long battery life.

The device features a button that can be easily located in the dark to activate the light, and it can also be used to see objects in the distance since it emits side light to ensure all-around visibility. 

The Float-On is ideal for both professional and recreational boats and can act as a position-indicating light or strobe.

Boat Flares

An effective flare is perhaps one of the most essential items to have onboard your boat. However, using traditional boating pyrotechnic flares can be problematic and they are known for being unreliable and dangerous.
The ACR ResQFlare has been designed as an alternative to regular boat flares and is certified to meet Coast Guard requirements.


Our electronic flare includes a high-intensity LED light that provides 360-degree visibility for over six miles. Additionally, unlike similar devices, our efficient design allows a burn time of over 20 hours.

Traditional flares must be replaced regularly and disposed of correctly. However, ResQFlare negates this inconvenience with a user-replaceable power source that provides years of service.

The ResQFlare is approved for night signals and can also be used for day signals. 

Additionally, each ResQFlare comes with a distress flag that can either be attached to a mast or hoisted at the vessel’s highest possible point. This orange flag provides an added means of attracting attention when you need emergency assistance.

Ditch Bags

Last but not least on our list of safety equipment essentials is a ditch bag. This bag is typically waterproof and can float in water.

The purpose of a ditch bag is to keep all your safety items organized and stored safely.

Our RapidDitch Bag has been specifically designed with boating emergencies in mind. We wanted to manufacture a product that doesn’t just carry your boating safety essentials, but that can also physically assist you in emergencies. 

This is why we’ve included a unique feature: the shoulder strap of the bag can be unhooked and transformed into two four-foot safety harnesses that can be clipped onto life jackets to keep your crew connected while in the water. 

Ensure Your Next Boating Adventure Is a Safe One

The best way to survive an emergency and protect everyone onboard your boat is to be fully prepared.

Purchasing boating safety equipment might initially be expensive, but it’s a worthwhile investment if it means saving your life or the lives of others.

We’re passionate about keeping you safe while you enjoy your outdoor adventures, which is why we use the latest technologies in our safety gear.

From PLBs that use the best satellite messengers to innovative, safer boat flares, we have all the equipment you need to keep yourself and your crew safe. 

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