3 ACR Electronics Survivors Stories Rescued by Nelson Marlborough Rescue Team

In the midst of tramping season, ACR Electronics (PLB manufacturer), Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust  Search and Rescue Team (SAR) and the Nelson Cave Rescue Team are hosting a cooperative press conference to share a few survivor stories in hopes of educating the tramping community on safety precautions such as preparedness and carrying a 406 MHz emergency beacon.

One of the survivors will present plaques to the SAR teams for their heroic efforts in bringing them to safety. ACR's 406 MHz beacons have assisted search and rescue in locating survivors from life threatening injuries, lost trampers and other dangerous situations in New Zealand and around the world.

Jill Clendon who after falling five metres down into a cave, was saved by the use of her ACR Personal Locator Beacon. Barry Ingrham received medical attention shortly after setting off his beacon after becoming ill with a respiratory infection. Sarah Milichi who was almost flooded out when caught between tributaries, due to unexpected heavy rains. Jill, Barry and Sarah's firsthand stories can be read at www.SurvivorClub.com.