ARTEX - U.S. ELT Manufacturer Offers Major Savings on Their ELT 1000

ACR Electronics aviation line ARTEX is offering EAA Airventure attendees big savings opportunities on high quality aviation safety gear. As pilots, avionics personnel and the aviation industry as a whole continue to stress the importance of upgrading safety gear, now is the perfect time for aircraft owners to cash in on ARTEX summer savings.

The Perfect Combo is a special promotion which will give customers the option of owning a free ACR ResQLink PLB or receiving a $75 rebate with the purchase of an ARTEX ELT 1000 kit. Emergency Locator Transmitters or ELTs are installed in the aircraft’s tail and their UIN is assigned to an aircraft. Personal Locator Beacons or PLBs are built with the same 406 MHz technology as the ELT but are cased within an easy to hold unit and are assigned to a person rather than an aircraft.

The FAA is currently offering $500.00 rebates per aircraft owner for U.S. registered single engine piston aircraft who install ADS-B equipment.  Aircraft owners can maximize their total rebate by installing an ELT 1000 at the same time as their ADS-B.  ARTEX is offering an additional kicker rebate of $50.00 when you purchase a certified ADS-B solution along with the purchase of the ARTEX ELT 1000.  By taking advantage of the FAA ADS-B rebate program with the ARTEX Perfect Combo promotion and ADS-B kicker together, aircraft owners can receive a possible rebate up to $625.00.

Please visit ARTEX in Hanger C Booth 31222 at EAA Airventure to learn more about upgrading your safety gear.  Limited time offer, restrictions apply.