ELT Test & Programmer Set New from ARTEX

ARTEX, launched today the ARTEX TPS 8715, a specially designed test and programmer set for the General Aviation (GA) market. The ARTEX TPS 8715 will program, test, and decode ARTEX 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) models: the ME406, ELT 1000 and ELT 345.  The programmer set is affordable and easy to use; it makes programming simple for the GA and light sport aircraft markets through access to free online training and software downloads. 

The kit includes a programmer with rechargeable battery and antenna, GA programming cable, quick start guide with access codes to easy online training and software installation, holster and SD card. For more ARTEX Programmer Set information, please go to www.acrartex.com/products/aviation/.