78-year-old Hiker Still Climbing to New Heights Even After Recent Nevada Mountain Rescue

ACR Electronics, shares Rita Wagner a 78 year old hiker’s “Survivor Story,” after she was recently rescued from Calico Tanks Peak in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas.

A long-time and experienced member of the group, 52 Peak Club, Rita was approaching the peak when she fell backwards after the sandstone rocks broke beneath her, cracking her elbow, injuring her back and suffering severe lacerations.

That days group leader, Chris Hanna said, “Rita was in great pain and bleeding profusely. There were medical professionals on the hike that administered first aid and quickly determined she was in shock and needed to get to a hospital immediately. I deployed the ResQLink knowing that our fellow hiker was in grave danger. It triggered a response in less than one hour from our highly trained Las Vegas Search and Rescue by helicopter that was able to zero in on our location with ease because of the dual frequency design. The officer in charge stated they really appreciate the ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon as it makes their job easier and more efficient”.

 Rita replied, “I never go out without my PLB, although hoped I would never have to use it. I recommend that every hiker of any age or skill level carry one. I often go out hiking on my own, so my ACR PLB is always in my pack”.

Rita expressed, “I am still hurting, but it hurts to sit too so I may as well be out walking, though I am staying on the trail for now. I solo hiked last September to Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the lower 48 states at 14,508 ft. I have done it four times and hope to do it again this year!”

A growing list of survivors who activated ACR Electronics beacons in a life-threatening emergency have joined the ACR SurvivorClub to share their stories and help raise awareness about the best practices to ensure safety, both on land and at sea. The full story about Rita’s rescue can be viewed here: https://www.acrartex.com/survivors/stories/2017/rita-wagner-las-vegas-nevada


Rita represents a great majority of today’s seniors who are as active now if not more active than before their retirement. As illustrated the lifesaving benefits of ACR’s emergency beacons are used cross generationally and for various activities such as: hiking, fishing, boating, hunting, paddle boarding, kayaking, flying and more.