New AISLink Man Overboard Beacon

ACR Electronics launches the new AISLink, their first Automatic Identification System (AIS) Man Overboard Beacon (MOB) that adds to their already expansive line of personal maritime survival gear. The new AISLink MOB is a locating device specially designed and priced for both the recreational and commercial marine markets.
AIS MOB technology is engineered to quickly facilitate the rescue of someone who falls overboard. Manually or automatically activated, AISLink will begin transmitting distress signals within just 15 seconds of activation and can continue to transmit for over 24 hours. Once the AIS MOB is activated, it transmits MOB emergency messages along with GPS coordinates to vessels with AIS receivers and/or plotters within a five mile range. The AISLink MOB is also capable of signaling the Digital Selective Calling (DSC) alarm on a vessel’s VHF radio.
ACR’s AISLink highlighted features are as follows:
• Dual alert via AIS and Digital Selective Calling
• Onboard GPS for exceptional location accuracy
• Simple life jacket integration
• Manual or automatic activation
• Ability to alert AIS-equipped vessels within a radius of 5 miles or 4.3 nautical miles
• 24+ hours operational life and 7-year battery life
• 5-year warranty
• Ultra bright LED strobe light
• Rugged and waterproof up to 10 meters
AISLink has a rugged waterproof case (up to 32 feet or 10 meters) with a powerful LED strobe which illuminates; allowing rescuers to pinpoint the exact location in low-visibility scenarios. AISLink is perfect for local rescues and is the perfect complement to any vessels AIS system. An important difference to note between the AISLink MOB and 406 MHz EPIRBs like the ACR GlobalFix V4 is that the AISLink MOB will only emit local distress alerts via AIS and DSC to AIS-equipped vessels within a range of 4.3 nautical miles, where a 406 MHz beacon will emit signals from anywhere in the world directly to Search and Rescue forces via the international Cospas-Sarsat system.
Having an AISLink MOB on a lifejacket in a man overboard situation, when every second counts, will give the fastest, best chance of rescue from the water by other vessels nearby equipped with AIS. ACR’s new AISLink MOB will be available at your local or online recreational marine retailer this holiday season.