ELT 3000

The new ARTEX ELT 3000 (Emergency Locator Transmitter) has received Cospas-Sarsat and final FAA approvals and the units are available for sale. The ELT 3000 is the smallest and lightest transport grade 406 MHz emergency beacon available. It is engineered to communicate on three frequencies: digital 406 MHz, analog 121.5 and 243 MHz homing signals. The newest ELT model also comes with a 6-year replaceable battery.

Aircraft owners can count on state-of-the-art electronics that maximize frequency stability and power while incorporating a built-in GPS navigational interface.  GPS data embedded within the emergency transmission provides Search and Rescue personnel the aircraft location within 100 meters in less than a minute.  

Designed for both fixed wing and helicopter airframes, the new ELT 3000 is a quick, easy and affordable retrofit.  “The ELT 3000 is the ultimate ELT solution.  Small, light and affordable with an easy installation makes ELT 3000 an obvious choice for any airplane or helicopter,” shared Michael Schmidt, Director of Aviation Sales. All ARTEX ELTs are built under the exacting standards of AS9100C quality certification, the ELT 3000 exceeds government and regulatory standards.

Highlights of the ARTEX ELT 3000 features and specifications are as follows:

  •          Quick and easy forward fit or retrofit installation
  •          Tri-band antenna with single connector and cable to transmitter
  •          Enhanced position accuracy within 100 meters through built-in GPS interface
  •          Can be connected to on-board GPS via integrated ARINC429 or RS232 interface
  •          Helicopter version with 5 axis G-Switch available
  •          Auto activation via internal G-switch
  •          Encoded digital message broadcasts aircraft identification/registration and provides access to owner/emergency contact details
  •          Added functionality includes the ability to test the ELT with ARTEX’s proprietary online satellite confirmation testing service 406Test.com

ACR Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures an array of ARTEX ELT’s, battery packs and ELT accessories. ARTEX ELT’s serve a wide category of aircrafts ranging from general aviation to the world’s leading airframe manufacturers, large commercial airlines and government aircraft.