C-Strobe H20 The Next Generation Of Personal Distress LED Light Is Here

ACR Electronics, Inc.,a Drew Marine company, released their next generation of C-Strobe distress lights today.  The new USCG approved C-Strobe H20 distress light combines intense LED technology with increased operating life and provides 360 degrees of visibility, while shining bright at 45 lumens. This waterproof strobe light can provide up to 120 continuous hours of emergency lighting. 

The C-Strobe H20 model includes two activation methods. There is an easy activation On/Off buttonn or in the armed position the light can be activated automatically when immersed in water. There is an ultra-bright strobe function which is also accompanied by an SOS and Steady-on mode, increasing the functionality of this distress light. The base C-Strobe model is manual activation only.

 The C-Strobe H20 comes equipped with a flexible lashing loop on the side of the light which allows for multiple mounting options in the webbing on your hiking backpack or on the straps on your life jacket. The light also comes with a clip designed to conveniently slide over a life jacket’s oral inflation tube. For alternate mounting options the C-Strobe H20 light can also be safely and securely attached with the included lanyard.


The C-Strobe H20 light is one of four different lights available in a series of ACR’s personnel distress lights, such as a manual only and Steady-on version. One of the four lights is certain to exceed any outdoors enthusiast’s personnel distress lighting needs.

 Some of the notable C-Strobe H20 light’s features are:

  •          45 lumens LED
  •          Continuous operating life up to 120 hours
  •          AA batteries required
  •          Strobe | SOS | Steady-on modes (C-Strobe H20 only)
  •          Water activated sensors
  •          USCG approved