ACR Electronics Newest EPIRB GlobalFix V4

Global leader in safety and survival technologies, ACR Electronics, Inc.,a Drew Marine company, released today the GlobalFIX V4 Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB). ACR has taken its world renowned EPIRB manufacturing expertise to create one of the highest quality and lowest-cost EPIRBs available on the market today. The GlobalFIX V4 is competitively priced and offers tremendous value with new features. Notable features include: user-replaceable battery with a 10-year battery life, internal 66 channel GPS, a four LED array strobe light, and a new wrist strap for hands free carrying in an emergency evacuation.

The GlobalFIX V4 applies three levels of integrated signal technology; an internal GPS for pin-point positioning, a powerful 406 MHz distress alert, and 121.5 MHz homing capability designed to effectively conclude the final stages of a rescue. The on-board GPS can quickly pin point the sender's position to within 100 meters of their location. As local search and rescue personnel are deployed, a separate homing signal and integrated LED strobe light guides rescuers to the beacons exact position.

For over 60 years, ACR has been designing and manufacturing quality products used to save lives.  To meet the company’s stringent quality standards, the new GlobalFIX V4 has gone through months of independent testing to ensure the design, functionality and performance lives up to the ACR standard of excellence. From salt fog and vibration to extreme temperature cycling and satellite qualification testing, the new GlobalFIX V4 will work the first time, every time. 

The GlobalFIX V4 is also compact enough to be stored in your ACR RapidDitch abandon ship bag along with all of your other safety gear. For mariners who want an EPIRB with longer operational life and more output power, ACR will continue to offer the GlobalFix iPRO and PRO range of EPIRBs.

Notable GlobalFIX V4 EPIRB features include:

  •  10-year battery life
  •  User replaceable battery
  •  Self-test and GPS self-test to confirm the beacon is working properly and is ready to meet the demands of a harsh            marine environment
  •  Class 2 lithium battery which exceeds the required 48-hour operating life
  • High-intensity 4 LED array distress strobe light
  • Conformal coated circuit board which further protects electronic components from harsh maritime environments
  • On-board 66 channel GPS receiver pinpoints the sender’s exact position, which can be relayed to rescue personnel in as little as three minutes
  • Wrist strap for hands free carrying during an abandon ship emergency