AISLink™ CA1 Transceivers for Commercial Maritime Vessels

ACR Electronics, Inc.announces the availability of their new Class A Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) for commercial boaters, work boats, and recreational boaters.  A longtime manufacturer of marine safety electronics, ACR adds AIS marine navigation transceivers which are now mandated by the U.S. Coast Guard* for commercial vessels. AIS utilizes VHF digital transmissions to facilitate the passing of navigational data between vessels and ports which ultimately increases navigational safety.

The AISLink CA1 is a Class A transceiver that has been certified around the world to the latest AIS regulations.  This compact unit will send and receive wireless navigational data to and from nearby ships including the vessel’s name, position, course or speed over ground, heading, and rate of turn.  The easy to operate AISLink facilitates faster communication and navigational planning especially when vessels are hidden or obstructed from radar.

The new AISLink CA1 is competitively priced, easy to install, and interacts seamlessly with navigation systems through its NMEA 0183 interface.  It is appropriate for all vessels that are required to meet the recently mandated regulations for a Class A shipborne AIS transponder system.

The safety of the vessel and its crew is always the most important priority. Adding ACR’s AISLink CA1 transceiver can provide captains globally with the necessary data designed to simplify navigation. Please visit for more information and a complete list of certification approvals on AISLink transceivers and other maritime electronics and survival gear.

*Source: USCG AIS Carriage Requirements