This ARTEX ELT made its final approach!


ACR Electronics, Inc.shares Scott Cook holding an ARTEX ME406 Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) which has made its final approach and is prominently displayed on a plaque in ACR’s board room. After a plane crash, SurvivorClub member Lou Nathanson sent his ELT in to be exchanged for a free replacement as part of ACR Electronics SurvivorClub program.

Scott found it gratifying to see that Lou’s used ELT was the very same ELT he inspected after it was manufactured back when his position was Quality Inspector. Scott said, “It makes your job really worthwhile knowing that what we do here at ACR could save someone’s life.”  Scott has been with ACR Electronics for 7 years and has moved up to hold the position of Manufacturing Engineer.

SurvivorClub is a community outreach program comprised of people who have used ACR 406 MHz beacons in plane crashes, boating accidents and other situations of grave and imminent danger. They submit their survival story, photos and lessons learned on:  In return for Survivors sharing their story, ACR Electronics replaces their 406 MHz beacon with an equivalent new model.

Lou also used an ACR Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) as a back up to his ELT after his accident ensuring a quick rescue. Lou’s story serves as a perfect example of why pilots should carry a PLB as well as have a 406 MHz ELT installed on their plane, an ELT and PLB are the “The Perfect Combo” for aviation survival.  For this reason ACR Electronics is running a promotion during the month of April called “The Perfect Combo”. To learn more about the show promotion please visit our website or visit booth #B-44 at Sun n Fun.