RESQMATE™ G “Designed to Surpass Safety Standards”

Announced today is the release of the RESQMATE™ G. The RESQMATE™ G is a new, manual activation-only 406 MHz EPIRB with on-board GPS specifically designed for sale in Australia and New Zealand. Meeting the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and Maritime New Zealand’s demands for mandatory applications, the Cospas-Sarsat approved RESQMATE™ G is available for immediate delivery in both countries.

The RESQMATE™ G quickly and accurately relays critical emergency position data to the international Cospas-Sarsat System of LEOSAR and GEOSAR satellites.  The RESQMATE™ G applies two levels of integrated signal technology; a powerful 406 MHz signal for satellite location, and a 121.5 MHz homing capability designed to effectively conclude the final stages of a rescue. The RESQMATE™ G broadcasts a Unique Identification Number (UIN) for each beacon, which is registered with national authorities. The on-board GPS can quickly fix the sender's position to within 100 meter location accuracy, then utilizes a powerful 406 MHz signal to transmit the distress signal to orbiting satellites.

As local Search and Rescue personnel and assets are deployed, a separate homing signal and integrated LED strobe light guides rescuers to the sender's exact position. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (headquartered in Canberra, ACT) will receive the distress call, which is then relayed to the appropriate search and rescue team.

Notable RESQMATE™ G 406 MHz EPIRB features are as follows:

The on-board GPS signal pinpoints the sender’s exact position, which can be relayed to rescue personnel in as little as three (3) minutes

Rugged, dual-band flexible antenna for peak performance

Sturdy, low-profile manual release bracket included

Self-test equipped to confirm the beacon is ready to meet the demands of a harsh marine environment when needed

Class 2 Lithium battery that exceeds the required 48-hour operating life by more than 13 hours @ -20° C (- 4° F).

High impact polycarbonate case with non-tangling lanyard

Visual indicator / High-intensity LED strobe and audible signal verify beacon is working.

High intensity LED strobe is 33 percent brighter than traditional EPIRB strobes.

12-year class 2 lithium battery replacement bonus program with a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.