The Next Series of Military Distress Marker Lights the MS-2000(M2)

ACR Electronics, Inc. (ACR), a global leader in safety and signaling technologies has released the next series of military distress marker lights, the MS-2000(M2).The new series of military LED strobes is an upgrade from the original MS-2000(M) model, which has been standard issue for military forces around the world during the past 25 years. The MS-2000(M2) is available in three configurations: MS-2000(M2) Strobe, the Doublefly and the Waterbug.

Each configuration strobes at 41 candela (301 lumens) at max, which can be seen for miles. For the soldier’s protection, the vibration mode indicator is synchronized to the light’s output; this is especially important to indicate when the light is on while in the infrared mode. The Doublefly offers the same powerful strobe as the base model but adds two additional light and vibration modes; a ‘steady-on’ and an ‘SOS mode’. The most feature-rich light is the Waterbug which inherits all the features of the Doublefly but adds the armed water activated mode. When its water sensors come in contact with water, the light is activated.

All three distress marker lights boast an average luminescent output of 205 lumens per flash and are ready to shine with three essential filters: infrared (IR), white or blue. All of this light is produced with just two AA alkaline batteries. On a clear night the MS-2000(M2) can be seen up to 6 miles away and is waterproof up to 50 feet/15m. The MS-2000(M2) series light output, activation modes, vibration indicator, light dispersion, 56-hour battery life and durability are lifesaving features. These lifesaving qualities are what make it the preferred rescue light of elite military forces around the world.

The MS-2000(M2) is sure to serve as the next generation of lifesaving military distress marker lights carried by combat forces around the world. ACR has manufactured lifesaving lights since inception in 1956. ACR distress marker lights have been used by astronauts, military forces, and everyday boaters and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.