Marketing Innovation of 2013 Awarded to ACR Electronics

Fort Lauderdale, FL - ACR Electronics' SurvivorClub program wins the Neptune Award for Marketing Innovation within the marine industry. The Neptune Award is given by the Marine Marketers of America and was presented to ACR at this year's Miami International Boat Show.

SurvivorClub was selected because of its testimonial-based educational approach to promote the use of lifesaving 406 MHz beacons. SurvivorClub publishes firsthand stories from real-life survivors around the world who have activated an ACR EPIRB, Personal Locator Beacon or ARTEX ELT in a life-threatening emergency.  In 2013, 45 survivors came forward to share their story and had their beacons retired in exchange for a free replacement beacon.  The used beacons are mounted on a plaque which is presented to the store that the beacon was originally purchased where it serves as real-life testimony.

"While we are grateful to the Marine Marketers of America for this award we know that it was only made possible by our survivors," said Mikele D'Arcangelo, Marketing Director for ACR Electronics.  "They voluntarily share their stories in the hopes of educating others of what can go wrong and why it is so important to be prepared with a safety plan and a properly registered distress beacon." 

*406MHz beacons have saved over 35,000 lives and should be part of your safety plan. Read first hand tesitmonies at