Meet Edith Slee of Sydney. ANOTHER ACR Survivor!

ACR Electronics shares another SurvivorClub story. Meet Edith Slee the newest ACR SurvivorClub member.

While hiking in the backcountry of New Zealand with her friend Alice, Edith Slee found herself incapacitated when she slipped and twisted her leg on an enormous crack in the ground. Her leg quickly began to swell and bulges formed where it was broken.

Luckily, Edith's son Ben insisted she bring his ACR ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) with her on her journey. He was primarily concerned about his mother being in the wilderness with her health condition, diabetes. "I told her that if, for some reason, she couldn't control her blood sugar she should press the button. Then we would know that someone would turn up to rescue her even if she could not help herself," said Ben. Looking back, neither Ben nor Edith envisioned that the problem of diabetes would be magnified by two compound fractures and a dislocated ankle.

Edith and Alice were a full days walk to the nearest road, and with Alice unable to assist Edith in her condition they decided to activate the Personal Locator Beacon.  As if by magic an hour later the Westpac helicopter appeared over a ridge and landed a few hundred meters away. The rescue team placed Edith onto a stretcher and transported her to the Christchurch hospital emergency department.

"It is no stretch to say that the ACR ResQlink PLB saved my Mother's life. It would have taken Alice many hours to get to the road head on foot and raise the alarm and probably several more hours for a rescue party to locate my Mother. This would have certainly been the following day because it is unlikely Alice would have raised the alarm before sunset. For a diabetic to survive in the open, even in a sleeping bag, alone and entering into shock for the whole night would have been miraculous, particularly when they are 65 years old," said her son Ben.

When her leg heals, she is looking forward to many more walks of which she assures everyone, she will be taking her newly replaced ResQLink PLB.  To read Edith's survival story from her son Ben visit