$50 Rebate or Free Safety Gear Offer on Personal Locator Beacons

ACR Electronic's Summer Savings Promotion was so successful, they have extended it through November 5th, 2013, for the purchases of ACR Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs).

Customers will receive a $50 rebate on ACR PLBs including the ResQLink, AquaLink, and SARLink models, or they may choose $210 worth of safety gear, which includes: the legendary Firefly3 SOLAS strobe light, an ACR Hot Shot Signal Mirror, a headlamp, a survival first aid kit, and a one-year subscription to ACR's satellite testing service, 406Link.com. Using the same satellite as Search and Rescue, ACR's 406Link service allows you to test your beacon and receive satellite test verification which gives you the comfort of knowing your beacon is working before you go. For more information, visit the ACR website.