ACR/ARTEX  is pleased to share that an unnamed Boy Scout chaperone was saved by a fellow chaperone's use of a ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon (PLB).

Ten Boy Scouts and five adults set out on seven canoes for a 68-mile trip on the Colorado River. They docked for camp at Carrizo Campgrounds. Not long after setting up camp, one of the chaperones became recognizably ill. It quickly became evident that assistance from the paramedics was necessary.

Jeff Murdock, fellow Boy Scout chaperone tried various communication devices the troop had with them; communication devices ranging from cell phones to a marine radio to a hand radio. All of the attempted communication methods failed. The closest cell tower was 16 miles away.

Jeff then activated his ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon (PLB). Moments after he pushed the emergency button, his GPS position was determined and the satellite distress signal was sent to the US Air Force National Rescue Coordination Center with his coordinates. Help was soon on the way. "If we didn't have that beacon, there would have been a very different outcome. With all that emergency equipment I had on me, it didn't matter. It's that beacon that worked," said Jeff Murdock; San Diego, CA.

 Jeff's wife (his registered contact for the PLB) was notified by the La Paz County Sheriff's Office that the PLB was activated. A ranger showed up on the camp site where Jeff and the patient were present, as soon as she could. Once the ranger was made aware of the severity of the call, she immediately requested a helicopter for medevac. A helicopter landed soon after the call was made and took the patient to the nearest medical facility for care. After care and treatment, the patient was stabilized and was sent home a couple of days later. He is safe and sound today.

ACR/ARTEX learned of Jeff's story this past week and welcomed him to Survivor Club, this gives Jeff and all of our survivors the opportunity to share their story. These first-hand accounts educate fellow outdoor enthusiasts on the lifesaving advantage of carrying a distress beacon. Read Jeff's survivor stories and others at:


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