ACR / Artex - We build quality products knowing they are used to save lives!

Obsessive Is GoodWe are in the business of saving lives and science is everything: it provides laws, processes and reliable, predictable outcomes that we successfully use to combat the unpredictable, wild, dangerous forces of nature (also known in some circles as "bad luck" or "misfortune" or even "fate").

We are exacting, obsessive, serious and accurate. When your life is on the line, these are the qualities in a company that you want. We don't apologize for being overly meticulous, self critical AND obsessed with quality. We design products to outperform any regulation set for us by government agencies because that is what our customers expect, that is why the industry respects us, and more importantly, that is what we expect from ourselves.

Science and obsessive engineering provide a product that, unlike nature, plans or luck, is not subject to whims. Our company's existence is one based upon the principle of continuous improvement. We spend prodigious amounts of time and money finding new ways to challenge our products.

In other words, our testing efforts often begin where governmental standards stop. "Quality" to us means x-raying PCB solder joints smaller than pinheads (that solder, by the way, contains no heavy metals). It means knowing the exact chemical and metallic composition of every component in every one of our products. It means developing tests to validate every claim we make. It means flat-out rejecting any failure ratio that our competitors consider acceptable. Simply put, we believe any discrepancy ratio at all is unacceptable, when lives hang in the balance.Burnt-EPIRB.png