ACR Celebrating 60 Years of Saving Lives


ACR Electronics is pleased to announce that we are celebrating our diamond anniversary this year. Over the past 60 years ACR has had the honor of manufacturing lifesaving equipment for military forces, aviation and space programs, along with maritime and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.

We were founded by the late David Rush and we have traded ownership four times since our inception in 1956. Throughout our ownership changes, location moves and company acquisitions a few things still remain the same, one of which has been our commitment to quality. Dating back to the 1970 penlight which helped save the crew on the Apollo 13 mission, our lights have led troops through treacherous nights. ACR maritime safety gear remains the overwhelming choice of the US marine market and ACR’s aviation brand ARTEX has quickly become the industry leader in emergency aviation gear with a full suite of Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs). ACR beacons have been activated to save thousands of people at sea and on land.

To celebrate our milestone anniversary, we intends to host various celebrations over the course of the next six months. At our 55,000 square foot headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL we will host a series of fun-filled events for over 180 employees. We will participate in philanthropic projects which will build the community we call home. We will also host an event at this year’s Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show where we can celebrate our decades of success with our dealers, the press and the customers who have supported us throughout the years.