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    ACR / Artex has over 60 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and supporting life-saving products including EPIRBs. Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs), Personal Locator Beacons, Search and Rescue Transponders (SARTs), Rescue Strobe Lights and more.

    Using our customer focused management philosophy, our employees follow AS9100 / ISO 9001 registered procedures to provide solutions for our customers' requirements.

    A strong commitment to implementation of lean principles for manufacturing, communication and other business systems started in the summer of 2004 to build a foundation for improved performance with the goal of 100% on-time delivery of perfect products. Our lean transformation is an integral part of the Continuous Improvement Program, a constant review of our processes to improve our key balanced scorecard metrics, eliminate waste and improve customer satisfaction.

    Expanding our Core Capabilities through continuous education programs allows us to evolve from being a manufacturer of life-saving equipment to a valued partner with the flexibility to stretch its brand into new business areas.

    Current capabilities include:

    3D Modeling to design and specify our plastic (injection molds) and metal housing

    Finite Element Analysis to analyze our designs against environmental criteria as specified by FAA and RTCO

    In-house PCB and PCA design using the latest CAD software

    EMI problem solving in RF design

    Design of custom battery packs for harsh environmental applications (military, medical...)

    In-house PCB and PCA design using the latest CAD software

    Custom Remote switch designs with or without Night Vision Goggle compatibility (or commercial, business and military platform manufacturer

    Conformal Coating of circuit boards to prevent EMI, lengthen the product's life and protect the board from water and/or dirt, should the housing case be compromised.


    • GPS Simulation
    • A Intense UV Irradiation
    • Corrosive Salt Fog
    • G-Force Shock
    • Random Harmonic Vibration
    • Louisville Slugger
    • Extreme Temperature Cycling
    • High Powered Fire Hose
    • Surface Mount
    • Solder-ball X-ray
    • Inbound Inspection
    • Smart Scope
    • Metals Scanner
    • Impact Testing
    • OCXO/TCXO Technology
    • Power Amplifier Technology
    • 3D Computer Aided Design


    Analog & RF Design

    • Switching Power Supplies
    • EMI Control
    • Mixers/Converters
    • VCO Design
      (400-500 MHz)
    • Crystal Oscillators
    • Phase Lock Loops
    • Amplifiers (2 GHz)
    • Antenna Design

    Mechanical Design

    • Injection Molding
    • Sheet Metal Design
    • 3D Drawings (Solidworks)
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Finite Element Analysis
    • Delphi (Active X, National Instrument Measurement Studio)
    • CPLD Design
    • FPGA Design

    Digital/Software Design

    • Software Certification to RTCA DO-1788 Levels D and C)
    • Embedded Software Development
    • T1 Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
    • Motorola 68HC11/12
    • Test and Control (ATE)

    Product Certification

    • FAA TSO
    • FCC Type Approvals
    • Cospas-Sarsat
      Type Certification
    • Networking


    • AS9100C
    • Baldridge Application
    • Cessna designated preferred supplier
    • PCB Board Design


    • Custom Battery Packs
    • Lean manufacturing
    • FM Repair Station


    • Impact
    • 500 G @ 11 mS & 100 @ 23 mS Testing
    • Waterproofness
    • Temperature
    • Immersion
    • Humidity
    • G-Switch Certification Testing
    • Decompression / Attitude


    • Concept to product or ServConcept to product development expertise and certification worldwide
    • Artex products are approved by the FM, Cospas-Sarsat, French DJSA, UK CM, Japan CAA, German LBA and European Union EASA
    • Brand name recognition around the world associated with high quality service
    • Short lead times, high reliability, worldwide distribution and support make Artex a leader in original equipment and retro-fit ELT and navigation systems
    • Quality Systems are certified to both worldwide ISO-9001 and AS9100 standards
    • Artex designs, develops, manufactures, sells and services products within the context of world class operating systems, just like the major OEMs it supports
    • Over 50 Artex products have NATO recognized National Stock Numbers
    • Products include Emergency Locator Transmitters, Navigation Interface, Antennas, Battery Packs, Cables and Switches
    • Products are used in Commercial, Business, General and Military Aviation
    • Boeing, Cessna, Lear, Bombardier, Embraer, Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon and Sikorsky all use our products as original equipment on their airframes
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