AquaLink™ PLB

Personal Locator Beacon
Model Number: PLB-350B / Part Number: 2882

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Head offshore with confidence. With three levels of integrated signal technology; GPS positioning, a powerful 406 MHz signal and 121.5 MHz homing capability; the AquaLink™ quickly and accurately relays your position to a worldwide network of Search and Rescue satellites, reducing search time and increasing your chances of survival. It's reliable signaling technology that has saved more than 28,000 lives since 1982.

The AquaLink™ broadcasts a unique registered distress signal that not only tells rescuers where you are, but who you are. The onboard GPS can fix your position to within 100 meters and then utilizes a powerful 406 MHz signal to relay your distress call to orbiting satellites. As local Search and Rescue is deployed, a separate homing signal and integrated LED strobe light guide rescuers to your exact location.

Learn How A Rescue Works 

The AquaLink™ is small enough to be easily carried in a pack or pocket or can be worn on deck, at the helm, in quarters or on a life vest and will float if accidentally dropped overboard. Performing a full functional self-test of the PLB's internal circuitry, battery voltage & power and 406 MHz transmission gives you the peace of mind knowing your PLB will work the moment you need it the most. ACR Exclusive: Built-in GPS acquisition test mode allows you to test GPS functionality up to 12 times over the life of the battery.
Tap in to the same field-tested rescue technology used by the U.S. Military, Coast Guard, NATO Special Forces and Arctic explorers.

  • No Subscription Fees
  • Floats
  • Super Bright LED Strobe
  • Onboard 66-Channel GPS
  • Self-Test and GPS Test Features
  • Typical Performance 35 Hours
  • Non-Hazmat Battery
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • If you use it...we'll replace it, Free of Charge.  Simply submit your story, send us back your used beacon so we can have it mounted on our Wall of Fame and we'll send you a brand new beacon of equal or greater value.


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Feeling confident
May 29, 2014 | By Renegade

Researched many different PLBs and felt that this one would meet all my needs. I'm a solo boater and spend a lot of time on large bodies of water, including the Pacific Ocean, and with my AquaLink close at hand I'll be a bit more relaxed venturing out.

Peace of mind
June 05, 2013 | By Bill

Has it all. Compact and easy to use. Hope I never need to activate it but peace of mind is a good thing.

This Beacon put our minds to ease
August 26, 2011 | By Hunter's Wife in Texas via

I bought this for my husband on his Feb/2011 birthday. I picked this one because it had the best features and the price was good too. Watch the video on u-tube; there is a guy who demonstrates taking it from his belt clip and opening it with one hand; He made it look so easy and you get a good view of it's size. We look forward to putting this to use over the next several years. Now we don't have to worry so much. Fishing trips offshore are 40 minutes out; we end up watching the sunset on the way back quite often; once you clean the boat, clean the fish and get on the road back home it's late. How often does your husband remember to call home as soon as he and his buddies dock, especially with so much to do on their minds.

Easy to set up and use
August 26, 2011 | By Rodmastet from Michigan via

Use for boating and travel

Great Value and Piece of Mind
August 26, 2011 | By Leisure Pools Ohio from Columbus via

The ACR slogan says it all. This is my BEST last Chance. I fell absolutely safe having my epirb with me when i go off shore. Thanks West Marine.

Best for functionality and longest battery life
July 06, 2011 | By SunSeeker from The Bahamas via

We reviewed several PLBs and decided the AquaLink 406 GPS was the best for functionality and longest battery life. We cruise in the Caribbean and will take it on road trips throughout the US.

Compact and powerful
July 06, 2011 | By Hank from Guam via

Compact and powerful. Clips on securely or fits in my vest pocket. I won't ever be without it when I'm out on the ocean.

High quailty products
July 06, 2011 | By Sixpacked from Florida via

I went with ACR for the reputation of high quailty products. A small price to pay to save your life.

Must have, if the situation heads south
July 06, 2011 | By Steve C from Detroit via

We do most of our boating on the great lakes, and its connecting rives and lakes. This is a must have, if the situation heads south.

I purchased this PLB for my work in search and rescue
July 06, 2011 | By From

Pros: Small enough to fit in a flight suit pocket. registration was easy. just go to the website and fill it all in. It looks very durable. I did not rate reliability and durability because I don't have a baseline. I sure hope that it is reliable. I will really need it if I actually need it. Cons: While it is supposed to float, I don't think that it will float with the GPS antenna facing up. If I am in the water, I will need to remember to get the GPS reciever clear of the water. The transmitting antenna will definitly clear the water if it is floating. General Comments: I purchased this PLB for my work in search and rescue. Since I operate my airplane at low altitudes having a quick and easy PLB with GPS built in was imperitive. It is now carried in my Flight bag and will be put in one of my flight suit pockets when ever I am on a mission. It is small enough to fit nicely in a pocket.

Product Number2882
Model NumberPLB-350B
Size2.3 x 5.8 x 1.45” (5.9 x 14.8 x 3.7 cm)
Weight9.2 oz (261 g) with lanyard
Battery, ClassClass 2 (non-hazmat) lithium batteries
Battery, Replacement IntervalReplacement due six (6) years from date of manufacture or five (5) years after beacon is placed into service, whichever is first, or after emergency use
Battery, Operational LifeExceeds 24 Hours @ -4°F (-20°C)
Battery, Typical Performance35 Hours @ -4°F (-20°C)
Battery, Storage-40°F to + 158°F (-40°C to +70°C)
MaterialEngineered polycarbonate blend
ColorACR-treuse™ (high visibility yellow)
Operation2 steps: deploy antenna, press ON button. Give clear view of sky
Waterproof16.40 ft (5 m) @ 1 hr., 33 ft (10 m) @ 10 min. Factory tested @ 70°F, exceeds RTCM waterproof requirements
Radiated Power6.3W (406 MHz), 50 mW +/-3dB (121.5 MHz)
AccessoriesAttachment clip included
ApprovalsCospas-Sarsat, FCC, Canada, R&TTE, New Zealand
Limited Warranty5 years
Lead FreeYes

Warranty Length:  5 years

This product is warranted against factory defect in material and workmanship for a period of 5 (five)* years from date of purchase or receipt as a gift. During the warranty period, ACR Electronics, Inc. will repair or at its option, replace at no cost to you for labor, materials or return transportation.

For further assistance, please contact our Technical Service Department at:

ACR Electronics, Inc.
5757 Ravenswood Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312-6645.

Email:, Fax: +1 (954) 983-5087, Telephone: +1 (954) 981- 3333.

This warranty does not apply if the product has been damaged by accident or misuse, or as a result of service or modification by other than the manufacturer.  The COMPANY MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ANY OTHER MATTER WITH RESPECT TO THIS PRODUCT, except as otherwise expressly stated in the previous paragraph. The Company shall not be liable for consequential or special damages. In order to place the warranty in effect, choose a form above and complete it entirely. Or you may fill out the registration card accompanying your product (if applicable) which must be returned to ACR Electronics, Inc. within ten days of purchase.

*Five Years for the following products:  EPIRB, PLB ,  S-VDR,  SSAS. 

Online Warranty Form

Q: Whats the difference between the AquaLink models and the SARLink Models?

The quick answer is flotation.

The AquaLink and AquaLink View Personal Locator Beacons are buoyant so you can retrieve them should you ever accidentally drop them in the ocean, lake or in a river.

The SARLink and SARLink View Personal Locator Beacons have a slimmed down back case to make them slightly smaller but these models will not float.

Q: What do PLBs do?

Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) are distress radio beacons which transmit location information about individuals directly to Search and Rescue forces letting them know that the owner is in grave and imminent danger.

Q: Can 406 MHz beacons be used anywhere in the world?

Yes, 406 MHz beacons can be used anywhere in the world, including the Poles.

Q: When do you use a Beacon?

Most Search-and-Rescue (SAR) organizations instruct that beacons are satellite signaling devices of last resort, for use when all other means of self-rescue have been exhausted, where the situation is grave with imminent danger and the loss of life, limb, eyesight or valuable property will occur without assistance.

Q: How do I register my beacon?

406 MHz Beacons must be registered with the National Authority of the country you live in.

Step 1.  Visit our Registration database to find the appropriate National Authority

Step 2.  Register with your countries National Authority via Mail, Fax or for the fastest service register online.

Registration in the United States

The national authority that accepts beacon registrations in the United States is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Here are three easy ways to register:

1.) The fastest and easiest way to register is online at .    Recommended method. Verify and validate information before submitting.

2.) Mail the registration form with the pre-addressed, postage paid envelope to:

1315 East West Hwy
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Please print legibly.

3.) Faxing a registration is also acceptable. Fax the registration form to the Fax number on the bottom of the registration form. To reduce the possibility of erroneous entry please verify legibility of information and validate information on form to UIN on beacon before faxing. Please print legibly and in BLACK ink.

All registration forms will be entered in the 406 MHz beacon registration database within 48 hours of receipt. The information you provide on the registration form is used for rescue purposes only.

A confirmation letter, a copy of the actual registration and a proof-of-registration decal will be mailed to you within two weeks. When you receive these documents, please check the information carefully to ensure that the information provided on the label agrees with the information on the beacon and then affix the decal to your beacon in the area marked "BEACON DECAL HERE." If you do not receive confirmation from NOAA in the expected timeframe, or if the information on the label is incorrect call toll free 1-888-212-7283 for assistance.

Registration outside of the United States

In countries other than the United States, 406 MHz beacons are registered with that country's national authority at the time of purchase. The sales agent should have assisted you in filling out the forms and sending them to the country's national authority. Alternatively, visit our Registration database or many countries allow online registration in the International 406MHz Beacon Registration Database (IBRD) at

To verify that the unit is properly programmed for your country, view the UIN label on the back of the unit. In the event that the beacon is not programmed for your country, the sales agent (if properly equipped) can reprogram the unit for the correct country.

Q: Where can I purchase a beacon?

Visit our Where To Buy dealer locator

Q: Where do I take/send my unit for battery service?

Visit our Battery / Service Locator. Contact the battery/service station for instructions on how to send the beacon to them. Please contact the BRC for the cost for this service.